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The Ultimate Guide to Novack Sandwiches

(10/20/17 6:06pm)

It’s that time of the term again: midterm season. Whether you have three in a row or just one open-note quiz (if this is you, by the way, please let us know what fantastic classes you have this term!), no study session is complete without a dinner at Novack. But is this as big of a tragedy as many Dartmouth students make it out to be? I’ve made a definitive guide to the best and worst Novack sandwiches — so you don’t have to.

Friday the Thirteenth: Dartmouth Edition

(10/13/17 1:00pm)

5:30 a.m. – You wake up in the River to notice that your mattress topper has fallen off of your now-rock-hard bed. Your entire floor is just getting back from the only Thursday night party that allowed ’21s, and they’re louder than all three of your alarm clocks. You check your phone, and everything makes sense. It’s Friday the 13th: Dartmouth style.

28 Thoughts You Have As An Upperclassman In A Freshman Class

(10/12/17 7:21pm)

If you’re a ’21 reading this in the middle of lecture (it’s okay, we won’t tell), look around the room. Chances are, there’s a ... grittier looking student sitting in the back of the room. Whether it’s to get a distrib out of the way or because they changed their major five times and are playing catch up, upperclassmen sometimes take an intro class or two in the latter half of their college career. 

Types of Facebook Friends You Have as a Freshman

(10/12/17 4:01pm)

The configuration of Freshman Fall friends is ever-changing. You were so sure that one person you met on Lodj Night on Trips or during O-Week would be one of your best friends, only to look back midway through the quarter and wonder where your dear friend went. Facebook occasionally sends out a notification saying, “Congratulations! You made 314 friends in September,” translated as “WTF* there is no way you could name 50 of them.” Let’s investigate the composition of our new “best friends” list:

Texts from Last Night: Homecoming Edition

(10/11/17 4:40pm)

Friday of Homecoming wouldn't be complete without the bonfire — and Saturday morning wouldn't be complete without reading through the texts that you sent at some point during the previous night. But don't worry, you weren't the only one who felt a bit of shame or regret when you checked GroupMe the day after a #lit night. Without further ado, here is the Dartbeat compilation of the most hilarious, incoherent and occasionally worrisome texts from Homecoming weekend:

Other Things You Could Burn at The Homecoming Bonfire

(10/05/17 11:02pm)

Ah, Homecoming! ’21s, get ready to run your heart out while upperclassmen scream, “Worst class ever!” It’s truly a magical experience. We, upperclassmen, expect nothing less than 121 laps. But as powerful and cultish as the bonfire already is, some of us may wish to burn certain other things. Dartbeat brings you a list of nine things to burn at the bonfire that could potentially add a ~ritual of sacrifice~ kind of feel. However, be wary that there probably is not a fund set up by alumni to bail out students who do this…

Dartmouth Fashion Through the Szns

(10/05/17 10:56pm)

Approximately one week after I matriculated, I found myself frantically scouring the web for a Patagonia fleece and Bean boots, suddenly in love with two articles of clothing that I refused to let my mom buy for me earlier that summer. “That’s so ugly!” I said. “I’d never wear anything that crunchy.” However, as I sit here writing this in a pair of Birkenstocks, I’ve come to realize that I have been entirely brainwashed into appreciating Dartmouth’s unique crunchy-preppy-chic style. Here are some outfit inspiration boards for each ~szn~ at Dartmouth so that you, like me, can also lose your entire sense of individuality.

Freshman Fall in Graphs

(10/04/17 2:20pm)

Some of us are currently experiencing the #bliss that is your first term at Dartmouth. The rest of us are probably reminiscing on the time when you were still generally unknown and dorm parties were all the rage. Let’s take a trip down #memz lane (or what awaits some of you)... through graphs. Quick shout out to our Lord and Savior Microsoft Excel for these tasty looking (albeit inexact) charts. 

Twelve Things That Are Better Than Rush

(10/03/17 8:25pm)

It’s no secret that rush is not exactly the most enjoyable one to two weeks of a Dartmouth student’s life. If you’ve spent the first weeks of this term schmoozing brothers and sisters, you’re probably in dire need of a break. And since parties on frat row are probably not bringing back the best of memories right now, here are 12 things that are better than rush:

Best Places to Take a Profile Pic this Fall

(10/04/17 1:00pm)

Starting fall term means three things: It’s time to kick off a new school year, sweater weather is on the way and I need a new profile pic. But everyone knows that taking the perfect profile pic is an art form that needs careful planning and can’t be rushed. So I set out to channel my inner Kardashian and did some on-location shoots to #slay. And believe it or not, Hanover and Dartmouth really do have locations for any vibe you want for your prof pic.

Better Questions to Ask During Rush

(10/03/17 8:52pm)

All true young people have an incredible ability to find out information about each other based on 10 grainy photos from high school and an embarrassing profile pic circa 2010. It’s called Facebook stalking, y’all; look it up. We all know where you’re from, what we’re studying, what we did over the summer, and what groups you’re part of on campus (thx social media). It’s high time that rush questions take it up a level. I’m talking friendship-breaking, alliance-making, life-changing Q and A. Here are some better questions to ask during rush: