If other places on campus had insignia

By Charlotte Driscoll | 10/9/17 5:59pm

This past weekend, the house communities unveiled insignia in an effort to build student enthusiasm. But why stop at house communities? Dartbeat has designed insignia for some alternative locales. Extra points if you emblazon your fracket with any of these quality designs only to reveal your snazzy East Wheezy phoenix tank top underneath. 

For ignoring the impending doom of midterms:

Webster Ave.

For embracing the impending doom of midterms:

The Stacks

Courtesy of Nickelodeon Animation Studios via Tenor

Smashing things is clinically proven to relieve stress whether you chose to do it in your favorite frat basement or Stacks level of choice. 

For the ’21s lucky enough to live in one of Dartmouth’s finest facilities:

The River

Courtesy of Cartoon Network via Know Your Meme

For the post-11s munchies:

Collis Cafe

For the gainz:

The Gym

Courtesy of Hasbro/Playskool/PPW Toys via Imgur 

For the extra credit gainz:

Lou's Restaurant

Via Tumblr

For newfound freedom in college:

Safety and Security

Courtesy of Siluata via Tenor

Charlotte Driscoll