Texts from Last Night: Homecoming Edition

By Lucy Tantum | 10/11/17 12:40pm

Friday of Homecoming wouldn't be complete without the bonfire — and Saturday morning wouldn't be complete without reading through the texts that you sent at some point during the previous night. But don't worry, you weren't the only one who felt a bit of shame or regret when you checked GroupMe the day after a #lit night. Without further ado, here is the Dartbeat compilation of the most hilarious, incoherent and occasionally worrisome texts from Homecoming weekend:

713: Just saw someone walk of shame through the lib.

347: Let's just pour tequila all over ourselves and jump on the fire.

207: get a lighter

917: she says she'll get TOW lvihersp

917: and give u one

917: wow

207: come come come

917: amazing we r at. Hidelt getting. Lighter.

917: hidelt

917: high delt

917: high delta

917: wow

650: Today I booted before, during, and after my 9L.

650: 9L? More like 9 L's.

206: Ughh I just melted my brand new pack of birth control and my student ID in the dryer, it's going to be a great week.

401: It's like being friends with you is the human equivalent of checking the box to get spammed while signing up for things and I can't find the unsubscribe button.

650: I'm the drunk person I hate when I'm sober. I'm sorry.

201: Is there late night breakfast tn?

603: yeeeAHHHWWW

603: L@te n1GHT brEAKFdt

603: Opens at

603: 1

603: 0pm

612: I'm safe but everything is terrible.

513: When you take a hit from a bong you use all four elements. Think about it for a sec.

585: does anyone have like a walking boot for my broken foot? the doctor just told me to groupme out to my sorority.

609: she's cute! she was booting so demurely.

612: I'm a student-athlete except my athlete part is drinking.

Lucy Tantum