Better Questions to Ask During Rush

By Isabel Adler | 10/3/17 4:52pm

All true young people have an incredible ability to find out information about each other based on 10 grainy photos from high school and an embarrassing profile pic circa 2010. It’s called Facebook stalking, y’all; look it up. We all know where you’re from, what we’re studying, what we did over the summer, and what groups you’re part of on campus (thx social media). It’s high time that rush questions take it up a level. I’m talking friendship-breaking, alliance-making, life-changing Q and A. Here are some better questions to ask during rush:

1. F**k, Marry, Kill: Hop, Collis, Foco 

Unpopular opinion: if you f**k with the Hop, I don’t f**k with you. 

2. Which Dartmouth 7 would you most want to complete?

Maybe if you all say the same location, you could do it in the same night. 

3. If you could only eat at one restaurant in Hanover for the rest of your time at Dartmouth, what would it be?

This is very telling of a person. 

4. J Crew or L.L.Bean? 

Again, telling.

5. What’s your social security number? 

Good to know. 

6.  F**k, Marry, Kill: Bean Boots, Birkenstocks, Sperry's

The ultimate Dartmouth dilemma. 

7. Would you rather: Only go to Alternative Social Spaces or only go to TDX?  

’Cause they both can be questionable. 

8. What would your perfect flitz say?

Always shoot your shot, guys and gals.

9. What’s your deepest darkest secret?  

Nothing lessens up the stressful rush mood like being able to admit that you used to try your dog’s food to find out why he wasn’t eating it.

10. If you could only choose one meme to save for posterity, which would you choose?


11. What do you think of Donald Trump? 

Is he draining the swamp or filling it?

Isabel Adler