Dartmouth Fashion Through the Szns

By Cindy Zhu | 10/5/17 6:56pm

Approximately one week after I matriculated, I found myself frantically scouring the web for a Patagonia fleece and Bean boots, suddenly in love with two articles of clothing that I refused to let my mom buy for me earlier that summer. “That’s so ugly!” I said. “I’d never wear anything that crunchy.” However, as I sit here writing this in a pair of Birkenstocks, I’ve come to realize that I have been entirely brainwashed into appreciating Dartmouth’s unique crunchy-preppy-chic style. Here are some outfit inspiration boards for each ~szn~ at Dartmouth so that you, like me, can also lose your entire sense of individuality.


In the first couple weeks of fall, a combination of Greek rush and eager freshmen with a new college wardrobe might trick some into thinking that Dartmouth students actually all have their own unique style. 

However, by week six, everyone ends up defaulting to a couple classic Dartmouth fall pieces: socks with Sperry’s for the frattiest of bros, the grey Patagonia everyone and their dog seems to own, Birks (with socks, if you’re crunchy enough to pull that off) and that homecoming jersey you probably waited too long to buy. As you grow accustomed to the Hanover bubble, you’ll eventually become aware that nearly every girl in your 2A is donning nearly the same flannel and vest combo. 

Catch every ’21 accessorizing their outfits with that Nalgene they all got on trips.


At the start of winter term, a flock of Canadian geese descends on Dartmouth’s campus and refuses to leave until every last bit of snow melts off the Green. Everyone kind of dresses the same between the months of January and March; you’d be hard-pressed to find many people sitting on FFB with outfits that don’t consist of a cozy sweater and Bean boots with socks peeking out of them (bonus ~fashion~ points if the socks match the sweater!). 

Though the swimsuit might seem out of place, it’s essential for not only the Polar Plunge but also Alpha Chi’s winter Beach Party. Looking cute is totally worth hypothermia, right? 


If spring at Dartmouth could be described in one article of clothing, it’d be salmon shorts. Guys jump at the chance to show a little (pasty) thigh, while girls begin to break out their sundresses as soon as the weather gets close to 60 degrees — or for WoodstocKDE, depending on which comes first.

In Hanover, a 70-degree day in the spring means tanning out on the Green with an iced chai or raspberry lemonade from KAF because it’s just “sooo hot!” Dartmouth Dad hats and sunglasses are incredibly important, because we all apparently need to be shaded from the blazing Hanover sun. Little piles of snow might still cover some parts of campus, but the lack of actual flowers is made up for by the entirely pastel wardrobe everyone seems to whip out by April.

Cindy Zhu