28 Thoughts You Have As An Upperclassman In A Freshman Class

By Yadira Torres | 10/12/17 3:21pm

If you’re a ’21 reading this in the middle of lecture (it’s okay, we won’t tell), look around the room. Chances are, there’s a ... grittier looking student sitting in the back of the room. Whether it’s to get a distrib out of the way or because they changed their major five times and are playing catch up, upperclassmen sometimes take an intro class or two in the latter half of their college career. 

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So cut them some slack, don’t take their unassigned assigned seat and read what’s probably going on in their head:

1. Walking in late with KAF. It's cool. At least I'm here.

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2. Wow ... how is the first row filled already....

3. Haha, I remember when I sat in the front row. 

4. I’ll just sit in the back, it’d be rude if I scooch into the front now being this late.

5. Yeah, let’s go with that.

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6. Okay okay let me open up my notes.

7. Wait I just got a blitz....

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8. Oooo there’s a sale... I should be able to find a formal outfit before class ends.

9. That kid is soooo going to be a Psi U. 

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10. Surprised no one is talking over the prof. 

11. Aw, people still raise their hands to ask questions.

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12. I should take notes…

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13. ...nope I’m good. 

14. Wow, how are they all so peppy at 9 a.m....

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15. Spot the pre-med!

16. Trick question: it’s all of them.

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17. I can’t wait to see the aftermath of the first midterm.

18. Which reminds me, I should go to office hours.

19. Nope, last time I tried I couldn’t even get a word in.

20. Pay attention!

21. Okay, but HOW are their clothes so clean.

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22. And that girl does her hair every day it seems? Wow, goals.

23. Is that kid seriously wearing their letterman jacket.

24. Okay pay attention.

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25. But how do they pay attention for so long?

26. I should have taken this class freshman year, I’m too jaded for this now.

27. Odds are I catch the freshman plague from one of these kids.

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28. ...I envy the sparkle in their eyes....

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Yadira Torres