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Work for America’s Oldest College Newspaper! We accept applications to join our staff during the fall, winter and spring terms. We are currently hiring for the spring term!

Located on the second floor of Robinson Hall — affectionately known as Robo — The Dartmouth’s offices buzz with reporters typing stories, business staff selling advertisements, photographers editing shots and editors providing guidance and banter. As America’s oldest college newspaper — founded in 1799 — we have undergone many changes over the past two centuries, and we continue to iterate upon and improve our practices every day. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, The D published daily, and now, we’re back in person, writing articles, producing videos, and posting regularly to social media accounts. Our website draws tens of thousands of visitors monthly, and with over 200 students on staff, The Dartmouth is one of the largest organizations on campus. We take pride in seeking the truth, and we are fully independent from the College. 

Both the business and editorial staff offer a wide range of learning opportunities to build valuable skills and to work alongside diligent and creative peers. Mentorship is an invaluable component of working at The D, and you can often find upperclassmen giving advice to underclassmen on classes, job interviews, campus social life and everything in between. We pride ourselves on our learning environment — many members of our editorial board had their first experience in journalism at The D, going on to develop real-world skills in communication, management and editing. With a great network on campus and beyond, The D is a great place to gain practical skills while building lasting relationships. Our alumni have gone on to win Pulitzer Prizes, write for publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and hold positions at elite finance and consulting firms.

If you have questions about the Editorial staff, feel free to email our editor-in-chief at If you have questions about the Business staff, please reach out to our publisher at


Please click on the link of the section that you are interested in for the application. You may apply to more than one section. APPLICATIONS FOR 22S ARE DUE TUESDAY, APRIL 5 at 11:59 p.m.; late applications will be considered on a section-by-section basis.


The news section keeps up with the pulse of our community, informing campus and our broader audience with happenings from all corners of the College. When news happens at Dartmouth, the community looks to The D for the important details. In recent months, we’ve covered topics such as the impacts of COVID-19 policies and outbreaks on students and staff, the effects of national politics and events on the lives of students and the evolution of sexual assault and misconduct policies at the College. More investigative pieces, on topics such as the cutting of study abroad programs and analyses of the College's budget, allow us to dig deeper into campus issues and incorporate innovative techniques such as data visualization in the process.


Covering both club and varsity sports, the sports section keeps the Dartmouth community up to date with Big Green athletics. In the past year, we’ve ramped up our sports news coverage, showcasing profiles of players and teams, coverage of Dartmouth Athletics controversies and a number of regular columns by dedicated student journalists who also happen to be sports aficionados. Now that sports are truly back, we’re excited to get back on the field with players and provide top-notch coverage of Dartmouth teams. 


The D’s arts and entertainment section highlights creative endeavors at the College, covering everything from performances and exhibitions at the Hopkins Center for the Arts to new movie reviews. Arts also features profiles on the College’s own artistic talent — such as student playwrights, musicians and painters — and features student reviews of albums, books, films and more!

Opinion + Cartoon

Our opinion section gives columnists and community members a platform for lively debate on relevant campus and nationwide issues. Recent pieces have taken a stance on the College’s COVID-19 policies, climate change and the severe housing shortage on campus. Opinion also encompasses our comic section, where student cartoonists can use art as an avenue to comment on campus and popular culture. (Check out the “Badly Drawn Girl” series by Mindy Kaling ’01 for a notable example.)

The opinion section is also the home of Verbum Ultimum — weekly in-house editorials published by The Dartmouth Editorial Board. The Editorial Board consists of several opinion columnists, the opinion editors, the executive editors and the editor-in-chief.


The Mirror, our weekly magazine published every Wednesday, takes a critical look at campus culture through both long-form features and more lighthearted pieces. In addition to photo essays, regular senior columns and “Through the Looking Glass” reflection pieces, some of the Mirror’s recent work includes examinations of taboos, dating culture and religion at Dartmouth.


The Multimedia team takes journalism and storytelling off the page to engage our viewers. We deliver content through various media formats, including a mix of graphics, sound and video content. Our approach is continually evolving, but the Multimedia section currently produces video interviews, spotlights, live streams, podcasts and even a news broadcast show. Whether you’re an aspiring designer, an experienced video editor or a budding newscaster, the Multimedia section has a place for you!

Photo + Design 

Editorial isn’t just about the written word. Our reporting would not be complete without the hard work of our photographers and graphic designers, whose visuals complement each story we publish.

Photographers at The Dartmouth give our readers a visual perspective on campus news, capturing events and scenes across campus and featuring them in print as well as online through our website and social media.

Our design staff works to create visually appealing illustrations, covers, and infographics for all our sections, especially Mirror and Arts.

Templating + Layout & Crossword

The D’s weekly print schedule means that Thursday nights are an especially exciting time in Robo.  Members of our layout staff learn and use InDesign software — no prior experience necessary! — and work directly with the executive editors to arrange stories and visuals into the print version of the paper you can pick up and read every Friday.

The Templating section also houses The Dartmouth’s new crossword! Anyone is welcome to apply to try their hand at crossword construction — no experience necessary! 

Data Visualization

From conducting original surveys to visualizing data to complement our reporting, the data visualization team works with a variety of programs, including Qualtrics, R and Stata, to bring numbers to life.


Engagement is the new section created in 2019 to respond to the ever-evolving landscape of journalism and media. Our engagement team works to package and deliver our content on a variety of different online social media platforms, translating print stories for online viewership and working to consider how digital mediums can serve as platforms for storytelling. Interested in building our social media presence or newsletter writing? Join Engagement!


Kicking off this term, The Dartmouth’s first-ever podcast will serve as an affiliate to the paper’s daily news. In addition to campus-specific conversations such as breaking news and student spotlights, this podcast hopes to investigate relevant college and nationwide issues. Members of the staff will collaboratively produce, host and publish the show, as well as determine topics and guests. As the first of its kind, the podcast team will be shaping an important piece of The D for years to come. 


Aside from the daily reporting of Dartmouth news, The Dartmouth is the largest, student-run business at Dartmouth. Students are responsible for managing its annual revenue, expenditures and day-to-day operations. The Business side of The Dartmouth is split into four teams. Each team (listed below) is led by two directors. The Directors report weekly to the Publisher, who is the head of all business aspects of The Dartmouth. Our student staff is made up entirely of volunteers, but the business side employs one paid employee, our office manager Melissa Charyk. The office manager reports to the Publisher and assists in bookkeeping and matters related to payroll and taxes.

Business sections will continue hiring in the fall. Stay tuned!

Finance & Sales: The Finance & Sales staff oversees everything related to bringing revenue into the paper. This consists of multiple channels: direct advertising, third party advertising, subscriptions, and selling merchandise/archival books. This team has a meritocratic structure, awarding hard-working and successful members with significant commission on new advertisements, enabling students to make money from advertising sales every term. In addition to maintaining these streams, the Finance & Sales team designs projects to create additional revenue streams, project revenue streams and analyze past revenue trends. As a member of the F&S staff, you will learn about how to run a business, analyze short- and long-term financial trends and gain valuable sales knowledge in a professional setting.

Development: The primary role of this team oversees Donor Development. This involves maintaining relationships with donors, including organizing thank yous, managing the donor database, organizing meet-and-greets such as our homecoming event and analyzing the capital campaign and endowment fund. The Development team is also responsible for reporting to our Board of Proprietors, made up of students and alumni of the paper, which meets on campus on a termly basis. In addition to cultivating and reporting on donor relationships, the Development Staff is focused on the long-term maintenance of The Dartmouth as an institution. This goal can manifest itself in various types of projects.

Strategy: The Strategy staff works in teams to solve the paper’s most pressing problems and serves as internal consultants for the Publisher. The Strategy Team has tackled important projects in the past such as making the decision to cut to once-a-week printing, proposing the creation of our first mobile app and determining which circulation routes are the most effective. These recommendations are presented to the Directorate and/or to the Board of Proprietors when decisions need to be made. The Strategy team is a great place to work closely with peers to unpack big picture questions involved in managing and developing a business.

Digital Media & Analytics: The Digital Media & Analytics staff oversees everything related to our digital media (website, app, social media, newsletter) and report analytics on that digital media. The team compiles an Analytics Report of recent articles that is available to all editorial and business members on a steady basis. This team is also responsible for developing social media strategy across all platforms as well as projects focused on the internal development of the paper through data and analytics-focused research and surveys. More UI/UX inclined staff members brainstorm changes to make our website more aesthetic and interactive.

Director of Software: Our mobile app is made entirely in house by students. The Director of Software is responsible for the maintenance and decisions related to this app.

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