How to Fill the Void Left by the Farmer’s Market this Winter

By Carolyn Silverstein | 10/19/17 1:26pm

The day has finally come. Whether you are still mourning the end of summer or you have been dressed for snow since September, this week is a sad one: The Hanover Farmer’s Market is officially closed for the year. 

If you’re like me and you’re already missing the wonder that is fresh kettle corn, lemonade, Skinny Pancake pop-ups and the best strawberries you’ve ever had, chances are you’ve been searching for something to fill the void left by the farmer’s market. And so, here are some ideas:

1. Grow your own harvest.

Sometimes the Foco fruit just doesn’t cut it. Instead of stashing 20 overripe bananas in your backpack, maybe you should try growing your own! All you need is a rake and a hoe.

2. Lie on the green pondering life …

Why is the Green called the Green? And not the Big Green? Is there a bigger Green? Is there a farmer’s market on this bigger Green?  

3. … Or just take a nap because there’s no snow on the ground yet.  

Enough said.  

4. Take a trip to the O-Farm or Skinny Pancake.

Having crepes and veggies in your life is never a bad thing — bonus points if you mix them together!  

5. Actually do homework.

Or not. 

6. Start binge watching a new show.

Sadly, you’ll have to settle for microwave popcorn and mass-produced lemonade.  

7. Start a countdown to April.

You’ll still be waiting diligently when the first booth comes to reopen in the spring.  

8. Just go to the farmer’s market in Norwich.

Enjoy! See you in the spring, farmer’s market!!!!!

Carolyn Silverstein