What You Googled This Week: Internship and Job Search Edition

By Gigi Grigorian | 10/15/17 8:30pm

Ah, yes. It is that time of year again. As you get into the swing of the fall term, you realize that you need to start thinking about next summer. Specifically, you remember that you need to start working on getting a job or internship. 

How do I even start? What should I do? You have lots of questions, so you turn to Google, aka the 21st century’s handiest tool. Here’s what you Googled this week:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an internship that’s easy af and also pays well? You realize that this is an unrealistic goal, but it can’t hurt to Google it. 

Maybe you’ve never made a resume before. Maybe you have made a resume before, but it’s from 11th grade and touts your community service hours, high school sports teams and little else. Either way, you’re going to need a lil’ bit of help from Google. 

You’ve heard that power posing helps works. You’re not sure if you believe it, but you decide that maybe you should give power posing a try before your big interview. What do you have to lose?

You want to look sophisticated and adult-y at your new job, but you also don’t want to look like that picture of your mom going to work in the ’90s wearing her favorite ill-fitting pantsuit. 

Unfortunately, you’ll probably be disappointed by the results of this search. Google at your own risk.

Use this Google search when you gotta get that perfect foodstagram on a budget. 

You’ve seen those cute, little, immaculately decorated New York City apartments on Instagram. Maybe you were watching HGTV one day and felt inspired. You’re ready to live out your perfect internship, so naturally you’ll need the trendy apartment too.

Gigi Grigorian