Twelve Things to Cook with Just a Kettle and a “Borrowed” Foco Spoon

By Lily Johnson | 10/3/17 10:04am

Have you ever craved the warm, soothing taste of a hot drink but had an existential crisis when you saw the KAF line? Or ever thought you could be the next MasterChef, but your only access to utensils were the items you could sneak out of Foco?

Well, join the club! After realizing my KAF-every-day lifestyle was unsustainable while on the 20 (RIP to my DBA), I set out to find the 12 best dorm alternatives for other coffee addicts — and even some recipes too! My basic cooking supplies: an electric kettle and things I can ~borrow~ from Foco.

Let’s start simple for those kettle-cooking newbies with some #dranks:

1. Coffee and espresso

If you haven’t discovered instant coffee and espresso by now, you must be living under a rock. Making it is super chill: Just boil water in your kettle, pour the instant coffee in one of those classic Foco mugs, add water and stir! My personal fave is Colombian coffee with hazelnut creamer; it’s basically a KAF knock-off.

2. Tea

When your best friend gets sick or if you’re one of those non-coffee drinkers, a cup of tea will do the trick! I use lemon and ginger with a spoonful of honey, but you can get creative!

3. Chai latte

I have been a chai latte stan since about the sixth grade when I had my first grande non-fat chai from Starbucks. But my best kept breakfast secret is Oregon Chai latte mix — it’s basically hot chocolate mix but for chai. On a hot day, I let mine cool a bit then pour it over ice. I almost missed my 9L to make one but it was so worth it.

4. Hot chocolate

I mean, how can you go wrong?

Now for those of you aspiring master chefs, I’ve compiled everything I think you can make in a kettle for those days when you just can’t be bothered to leave your dorm.

5. Oatmeal

Start your day off right with some oatmeal! Super easy to make, just get some instant oatmeal, boil water in your kettle, stir and enjoy!

6. Ramen

Buy in to the broke college student stereotype and make yourself some instant ramen! But honestly, when have ramen noodles ever disappointed?

7. Rice

Who knew that you could actually cook rice in a kettle? Just boil water, add salt and put the rice right in the kettle! Soy sauce optional (but def recommended).

8. Soup

I have a soft spot for tomato soup in the winter, and whether you want to throw back with some Spaghettios or hop on the tomato soup train, this is the perfect thing to warm you up in your dorm during those cold winter nights.

9. Mac & Cheese

Trips never dies!! Grab some Annie’s Mac or your preferred brand of instant mac and cheese and switch on that kettle.

10. Hard boiled eggs

Eggs in a kettle? Oh yeah. Basically just drop the egg in and boil water!

11. Mashed potatoes

Everyone craves comfort food at some point in time here, so instead of waiting for Foco to have mashed potatoes on the menu, just make them yourself! Boil a potato in your kettle and use a fork to mash ‘em up! (salt and pepper not included but I think you know where to get them).

12. Pasta

And best for last, everyone’s fave meal: pasta. Whether you want penne, spaghetti, fusilli, tortellini or whatever other pasta you can think of, you can make it in a kettle. Just cook the noodles, strain them and add whatever sauce your heart desires to make some customized pasta without having to wait in the Collis line. 

And get creative! I’m sure the same great minds that thought of the best Foco hacks (like Foco cookie ice cream sandwiches and pizza bagels) can think of even better kettle hacks. So the next time you can’t be bothered to wait in line for coffee or food, you’ll be able to cook in the comfort of your room. Bon appetit!

Lily Johnson