Best Places to Take a Profile Pic this Fall

By Lily Johnson | 10/4/17 9:00am

Starting fall term means three things: It’s time to kick off a new school year, sweater weather is on the way and I need a new profile pic. But everyone knows that taking the perfect profile pic is an art form that needs careful planning and can’t be rushed. So I set out to channel my inner Kardashian and did some on-location shoots to #slay. And believe it or not, Hanover and Dartmouth really do have locations for any vibe you want for your prof pic.

If you want to be crunchy...

Head to the river! Whether you go to the docks or to Mink Brook, nothing’s better than showing everyone your ~natural~ side with the totally gorgeous New Hampshire landscape.

Courtesy of Lily Johnson

If being basic is your thing (don’t worry I won’t judge)...

Take a classic pic in front of Baker! Bonus points for wearing only Dartmouth gear.

Courtesy of Lily Johnson

If fall foliage is totally your thing…

Just lay in a pile of leaves — they’ll get stuck in your hair, but tbh that’s aesthetic goals.

Courtesy of Lily Johnson

If you want to build your Pinterest following…

Take a pic in front of your dorm wall! I know that you (or a friend) spent hours on Pinterest designing the perfect dorm, so it’s time to show it off to the world! Who knew those dingy dorm walls would ever be good for anything? 

Courtesy of Lily Johnson

If you’ve ever binged “Friday Night Lights”...

Go to a football game — nothing screams fall like football!

Courtesy of Lily Johnson

If you like to get high with your friends…

Climb a mountain with the DOC! The views are spectacular, so you know those likes will be climbing almost as high as you did.

Courtesy of Lily Johnson

If you split your time between the KAF line and studying…

Channel your inner Kylie Jenner and lay on the floor in Baker Lobby for a classic check background. Be warned, you might get some weird looks, but you have to do anything for art.

Courtesy of Lily Johnson

There are so many more amazing photoshoot locations on campus like the golf course, the Orozco Mural room, the Tower Room, apple picking orchards and the giant American flags at sports houses. But after forcing my friend to do seven photoshoots for me, I had to stop before I launched my campaign to become Insta-famous. Now the only thing I have left to do is decide which pic to post!

Lily Johnson