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Better Homecoming Traditions

(10/25/18 4:10pm)

With every new revelation in this year’s “Bonfire-Gate,” it’s become clearer and clearer that Dartmouth is in need of some new homecoming traditions. Regardless of this year’s bonfire (or lack thereof), it is this writer’s humble opinion that humans should be afraid of fire. So for those who, like me, would rather live to see the day after homecoming, here are some alternative traditions: since our ancestors didn’t evolve instincts just for us to run back into the flames.

18F Bucket List

(10/22/18 7:39pm)

Can it really be Week 7 already? Time flies when you’re having fun, cramming for midterms and blacking out. The problem with our ten-week terms is that there’s never enough time to do everything you wanted. There’s always a bit of regret about the opportunities you missed out on. And though this may not be a solution, mapping out and prioritizing some bucket list items you want to scratch off before 18F is officially over might help you make the most out of the last few weeks you have on campus. So without further ado, let’s jump into the must-dos of 18F. Of course, only if you want to.

What You Googled This Week: Midterms Edition

(10/17/18 1:48am)

Dartmouth’s 10-week term means that you get to school, add-drop period begins and ends, and then it’s midterms season for the few weeks before finals. Midterms on their own are stressful enough, but given the time crunch that Dartmouth students face, it’s not easy to avoid a mental breakdown, and nothing defines a breakdown more than a crazy Google search history. Besides, it’s a great way to procrastinate. Here’s what I know you Googled this past week.

What to Do Instead of Studying for Midterms

(10/04/18 12:32am)

Midterm season sucks. You lose sight of your friends, eat meals at Novack and wear the same sad hoodie everyday. I myself write this article about procrastinating midterms with the extreme stress of a CS1 midterm looming over my head. (Shameless plug: writing for Dartbeat is much more fun than studying for midterms.) Without further ado, here are seven wholesome activities to do instead of studying for midterms:

Rush is Over: Now What?

(10/04/18 12:11am)

As many ’21s have learned this term, rush is not all it’s cracked up to be. The system is flawed, and even though you wore your cutest outfits and had awesome conversations, it might not have worked out. But that’s okay! In reality, there’s so much more to do and discover on campus! While being affiliated is fun, here are other fun activities for you and your friends (affiliated or not) to do now that the rush process is over.

Seven Signs It's Week Seven

(10/25/17 12:59am)

Wow, it’s already week 7. The term is going by so fast! ... Or maybe not. Week 7 is a very confusing time of the term. At first you may think, “This is it! Homestretch!!” But in reality, these last few weeks are most likely going to inch by slower than you could ever imagine. So, get ready to lose your sanity and any hope of getting a good night’s rest for the next month. If you have witnessed or are experiencing any of these signs, I’m afraid it’s too late for you. Good luck.

The Ultimate Guide to Novack Sandwiches

(10/20/17 6:06pm)

It’s that time of the term again: midterm season. Whether you have three in a row or just one open-note quiz (if this is you, by the way, please let us know what fantastic classes you have this term!), no study session is complete without a dinner at Novack. But is this as big of a tragedy as many Dartmouth students make it out to be? I’ve made a definitive guide to the best and worst Novack sandwiches — so you don’t have to.

Better Questions to Ask During Rush

(10/03/17 8:52pm)

All true young people have an incredible ability to find out information about each other based on 10 grainy photos from high school and an embarrassing profile pic circa 2010. It’s called Facebook stalking, y’all; look it up. We all know where you’re from, what we’re studying, what we did over the summer, and what groups you’re part of on campus (thx social media). It’s high time that rush questions take it up a level. I’m talking friendship-breaking, alliance-making, life-changing Q and A. Here are some better questions to ask during rush: