Seven Signs It's Week Seven

By Sloane Papa | 10/24/17 8:59pm

Wow, it’s already week 7. The term is going by so fast! ... Or maybe not. Week 7 is a very confusing time of the term. At first you may think, “This is it! Homestretch!!” But in reality, these last few weeks are most likely going to inch by slower than you could ever imagine. So, get ready to lose your sanity and any hope of getting a good night’s rest for the next month. If you have witnessed or are experiencing any of these signs, I’m afraid it’s too late for you. Good luck.

Courtesy of CBS via Tumblr

1. Is it midterm or finals szn?

With some midterms falling on week 7 and finals coming up, most of us are so disoriented it may as well be the twilight zone.

2. You can’t seem to decide what is more important, playing pong or studying 

Naturally, semis, formals, Halloween, GDX-mas AND TDX-mas are coming up, but midterms and finals are simultaneously coming at you like a brick wall. How is one supposed to do all of this and come out alive? It’s called ~balance~.

3. The meaning of motivation is lost to us all

Remember when it was week 1 and you woke up early enough before class to get KAF, completed the readings for every class and participated in discussions? Yeah, that’s not happening anymore. At this point, it’s a miracle if you even get dressed in the morning.

4. The freshman plague is in full swing

Just accept it, you will get sick by week 7. You could hide in your room all term, isolating yourself from everyone, and you will still get the plague. Everywhere you turn, people will be hacking their lungs out. There’s truly no escape! And because of Sign #2, you’ll probably deny your sickness, claiming it’s only allergies, and still go out. 

5. The KAF line is consistently out the door

The need for coffee has never been so dire. The line will never be short, so you might as well accept it and figure out how to spend that time waiting for your precious coffee and morning pastry. If nothing comes to mind, you could always cry about the fact that your DBA is diminishing at a record-breaking rate. 

6. The race to find the perfect Halloween and Christmas flair begins

Only at Dartmouth can you celebrate Halloween and Christmas two weeks apart. But with such limited time, you better get on Amazon and order some flair quick! It is essential to find a clever, yet slutty, costume that’s not too basic. It is a tall order, but it is so important. 

7. A moment of reflection of the term

For most, the term has moved by so quickly and, in a way, simultaneously very slowly. This time requires a moment of reflection of the good, the bad and the ugly. No matter what year you are or how put together your life is, you will question the essence of your existence. 

Sloane Papa