Basic on a Budget: Halloween Costumes from Your Closet

By Nicole Aboodi | 11/1/18 8:23pm

OH MY GOD!!! HALLOWEEN IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! As excited as you might be, you might realize that you’ve waited too long to buy costumes. As Halloween nears, the prices on every costume rise and Party City just won’t accept your DBA.


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But don’t worry! Dartbeat is here to save you with the ultimate guide for easy (maybe some basic) Halloween costumes that you can create from your own closet.

D1 Athlete: Grab that DP2 gear, some shin guards and eye black. Show off your Dartmouth pride, while saving a few bucks!

Supermodel: This one is simple. You’re stunning! Wear your everyday clothes and you’re bound to look better than Kendall or Gigi! Maybe even better than one of the greats, like Naomi Campbell.

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Lumberjack: Everyone has something plaid. Throw on your plaid shirt, some jeans and maybe even a toothpick in your mouth for that extra flair.

Black Cat: All black everything. Hella basic, but also hella easy and it’s in the spirit of the holiday! Be your spookiest self in a cute black outfit. Ask a friend for some ears (about 75 percent of girls on this campus have a pair — this is a scientifically proven fact). Bonus points for drawing on some whiskers with eyeliner!

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Christmas: It may be early, but Halloween does mark the beginning of the countdown to Christmas. Time to break out all that stuff you bought your freshman year for TDXmas! The Santa hats, the Christmas light necklaces and the ugly Christmas sweaters will all come in handy!

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Soldier: Who doesn’t love a man/woman in uniform? All you need to pull it off is some camouflage. You could double the eye black you use as a D1 athlete for this costume, too! Salute!

Baby: For some reason, long ago, we as a society decided that to dress up as a baby, all you need to do is wear pajamas. Easy, and cozy?!?! Sign me up! WAH WAH!!!

A Mouse, Duh!: Any form of animal ears will work. Then you can reiterate one of the best lines in cinematic history. SAY IT WITH ME NOW:

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Hippie: Put on your tie-dye and transport back to the '70s. Throw up some peace signs and wear your flower-power sunglasses, and you’ll be sure to have the cutest Instagram of the season!

Nerd: While we can all agree that almost every Dartmouth student constitutes as a nerd, you can dress up as the more stereotypical geek. Put some duct tape on your glasses, wear your pants extra high and travel from frat to frat with a fanny pack full of pencils.

Dartmouth Student: Time to break out the Birkenstocks, print out the Canada Goose logo and grab a Keystone (definitely no hard liquor. Never.). Dress up as the classic Dartmouth kid. You can wear flair or a ton of Dartmouth apparel. Put your own spin on it!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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Nicole Aboodi