Fall Trees at Dartmouth: An Objective Ranking

By Gigi Grigorian | 10/23/17 9:14pm

Fall at Dartmouth means many things: Barbour jackets galore, overheated classrooms and picturesque nature. 

Walking from class to class, it’s hard not to notice the trees as they change from green to red and yellow. You’ve probably taken a picture or two for your Snap story. Maybe you even felt inspired to post a picture to Instagram (We’re not judging you, don’t worry).

If you can figure out where to go to take these autumnal pictures, look no further. Here is a guide for Dartmouth’s best trees, graded by color and location.

The ivy on Wilder*

Color: 11/10

No explanation needed.

Location: 8/10

The ivy is centrally located on campus and easy to see, but you might accidentally associate it with that physics class you dread.

*Okay, the ivy isn’t an actual tree, but we’re going to consider it anyway.

All the trees on the northeast corner of the Green

Color: 7/10

The dark color of these trees is majestic af, but I had to deduct points because they haven’t quite hit peak foliage yet. 

Location: 10/10

You probably walk by these trees a few times each day. Prime location.

Tree by Rauner

Color: 9/10

Undeniably a nice tree, but the lighting definitely adds bonus points.

Location: 9/10

Good location, although it can be overshadowed by the nearby libraries.


Trees behind the Fays

Color: 10/10

The combo of red and yellow is perfect for your next nature ‘gram.   

Location: 6/10

Off the beaten path.

Tree between Topliff and South Fay

Color: 9/10

Super pretty, but looks more like spring than fall.

Location: 7/10

There are a lot of other trees nearby, so this little tree is easily overshadowed.

Tree across from the gym

Color: 10/10

The epitome of fall.

Location: 9/10

This tree is in a great location to be seen by gym regulars and athletes. If you don’t go to the gym (and let’s be real, who does), you’ll probably never happen upon this tree.


Now that you know the best trees at Dartmouth, get outside and enjoy them before they lose their leaves for winter! Your Instagram followers will thank you.

Gigi Grigorian