Overheards 18F: Week 5

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 10/11/18 10:01pm

Rho Chi: “Boys’ rush is like capitalism and girls’ rush is like socialism.”

’20: “Some days I wear sperrys and some days I wear vans. I’m complicated.”


’19: “I have two brain cells working: one is focused on drinking wine and the other is like, ‘What the f*ck.’”

’20: “Why does everyone who works at Dick’s House have the ‘Can I talk to a manager?’ haircut?”

‘21 #1: “So I have this friend at Cornell - ”

’21 #2: “Get a new friend.”

’21 abroad: “I always get TDX and XH confused. They’re the same. Like the same people...ya know, just athletes.”

’19 #1: “Me and ___ don’t hook up anymore.”

’19 #2: “What happened?”

’19 #1: “He referred to me as his smoochyfriend.”

Anonymous Overheard: “Four course terms are great, they keep you out of trouble. I haven’t been arrested, haven’t gotten into a fight all term.” 

The Dartmouth Web Staff