What to Do Instead of Studying for Midterms

By Justin Kramer | 10/3/18 8:32pm

Midterm season sucks. You lose sight of your friends, eat meals at Novack and wear the same sad hoodie everyday. I myself write this article about procrastinating midterms with the extreme stress of a CS1 midterm looming over my head. (Shameless plug: writing for Dartbeat is much more fun than studying for midterms.) Without further ado, here are seven wholesome activities to do instead of studying for midterms:

1. Endlessly organize your life so you feel productive.

The best way to feel productive without actually doing anything whatsoever is to make it look like you’re being productive. Write calendar after calendar of what you need to do. Make sure your planner includes dates for brainstorming alternative planner systems. If you’re worried you may forget to do so, set a reminder to check your planner, which will remind you that you need to check your reminders about your planner.

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2. Stand outside of Collis and hug strangers who look like hot messes.

Spread the love! Make yourself feel better by making others feel better! You may get some strange death stares from people who just want their stir fry, so don’t force it, but who doesn’t love a good hug?

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3. Solve a Rubix cube.

If you’ve always wondered how to solve a Rubix cube, what better time is there to learn than during midterm season? Enjoy spending hours solving one so that all your brainpower can be focused away from studying.

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4. Write down all of your friends’ names backwards or make anagrams out of them

This is a perfect way to lose track of everything important in your life! Bonus points for making anagrams of your friends’ names that relate to your studies. Here’s a couple of fun ones to get you started:

Ivy Standard = Dirty Sad Van

Demi Lovato = AOL Vomited

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5. Watch YouTube videos to tell you which articles you should read about which shows you should binge watch.

Binge watching TV shows has become too mainstream, so get the scoop by surfing YouTube – the best place for advice on the market.

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6. Resurface friends’ old Facebook posts by commenting outdated memes from when the photo was posted

Hopefully we can all agree that the dress was Black and Blue. Also, what happened to Chuck Norris facts?

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#NoShameNovember (close enough)

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Stress delayed! (Until you fail your midterms.)

Justin Kramer