The Stages of Getting Ready for Halloween

By Lidia Balanovich | 11/1/18 8:56pm

July: An Idea is Born


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You’re watching a movie, reading a book, or talking to a friend when suddenly the most brilliant costume idea just comes to you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you went as Kuzco from Emperor’s New Groove? You definitely won’t remember this for when you actually need it, but it sure does feel great at the moment.

October 1st: Your First Reminder

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The moment the clock strikes midnight on Sept. 30, spooky season officially begins. Halloween crosses your mind, but you don’t think about it too much. Midterms are keeping you busy, and there’s still a whole month to go, right?

October 14th: The Brainstorm

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Now it’s really time to start looking. You’re definitely not going to settle for devil, lumberjack, hippie or ninja. You’ve spent at least an hour Googling “clever funny easy Halloween costumes” with nothing to show for it … yet. You promise yourself you’re going to come up with the best costume to date, just a little later.

October 20th: The Choice

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Halloween is in less than two weeks! At dinner, your friend group decides to go as *NSYNC, frosted tips and all. Yes, what a great idea! Now you can put Halloween out of your mind. You can’t help but judge all those people spending $50 for some cheaply made and flimsy costume on Amazon. Your costume is going to be handmade AND creative.

October 27th: Uh Oh

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A week has passed and your group’s plan has fallen through. You can’t believe you thought that dyeing your hair for ONE DAY of celebration was a good idea. Now you’re back at square one with absolutely no idea what to do. You can’t even look at Pinterest because every time you press a button a popup harasses you to make an account to view the post.

October 28th: The Settle

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It seems like the rest of your friends figured out their costumes, and you can’t even find one. Now you have to spend $50 on an uncreative and flimsy costume on Amazon. Thank goodness for two-day shipping.

October 30st: Nope!

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Your store-bought costume definitely does not look like it did on the picture online. At this point, you’re ready to summon a demon to get a costume that doesn’t make you look 30 pounds heavier. You’re four pages into the Google search of “last minute funny costume things in closet not basic” and the panic is setting in. The only useful thing you’ve got in your wardrobe are black shirts and leggings…

Oct. 31: The Finale

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Another year, another black cat costume. Will you ever learn?

Lidia Balanovich