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September 18, 2016 12:03pm

’18 #1 in Astro: “You look like you’re about to boot.”’18 #2: “Yeah but I took a Sudafed.” DDS worker #1: “Why don’t you change your name to Samuel, I’ll change mine to Jackson, and then we’ll be Samuel Jackson!”DDS worker #2: “You should change yours to Jack-Off, then at least it’ll be accurate.” ’18: “Why would you work on a Sunday night when you could provide the rugby team with Facetime?” ’18: “My mom went to Harvard, so, you know...” ’18: “I’m obviously not twenty-one, but I’m also obviously not a cop.” ’16: “I’m not the hip one.”’18: “BUT YOU HAVE A NOSE RING!” ’18: “I like mine wonky.”


September 19, 2016 11:29am

’18: “They have adult milkshakes and nice Jewish boys. My two favorite things!!!” ’18 #1: "When I was little I got in trouble because I took all my younger cousins into the computer room and googled ‘poop.’”’18 #2: “I googled ‘naked.’ Just ‘naked.’” A dad at the SHEBAlite show: “Is this interpretive dance?” Astro TA: “The haze is coming in.”’18: “Is that interstellar dust?”TA: “No, it’s like... Clouds.” ’18: “Free the nipple.


July 22, 2016 6:32am

’18: “Getting the money from suing someone would be nice, but there would just be too much paperwork for it to really be worth it.” ’18 overheard on FFB: “Hi, I’m [name], this is [name] and we have the lowest grades in the class.


July 9, 2016 4:40pm

’18: “Live my life for a day and you'll understand what mediocrity feels like.” ’18: “Every day around 3 p.m., YMCA starts playing in my head.” ’18 #1: “What kind of pizza is that?”’18 #2: “Corbin Bleu.”’18 #1: “You mean cordon bleu?” ’18:"You know what happened to my old Mac?


July 1, 2016 6:51am

’16: “Is your grandma playing pong right now?" ’18: “They took my skin and now I’m gonna sleep forever.” ’18: “My hormones are raging.


May 25, 2016 2:26pm

’17: “I made out with this chick at the Green Key concert. I thought I knew her and asked if she was an ’18.


May 18, 2016 1:45pm

’18:"Oh my god, that pisses me off so much I think I might have to make a Facebook post about it." ’16:"I have no interest in indoor sex anymore." Prospie’s dad loudly narrating his son’s entrance into Baker:"Future Dartmouth student walking in!" Girl #1 in KAF line:"I did the entire Dartmouth Seven literally in one night."Girl #2:"You should graduate with honors." Psych prof:"If you get overweight, you can get body fat." ’16 #1:"You think it would be possible to shotgun a keg if you found someone strong enough?"’16 #2:"Yeah, it’s called a keg stand." ’16:"The best head starts in the ankles." Overheard in Foco:"I’m hungrier than a child in Somalia." ’17:"When you say 'gov,' I hear 'wannabe history."


May 11, 2016 10:15am

'18: "Maybe someday we'll have gif composites." German professor: "You flipped two letters—instead of writing 'a cheap watch,' you wrote 'a cheap whore.'" Freshman’s Dad: "You still want to go to the florist, right, honey?"Freshman’s Mom: "Yeah, King Arthur Flour." '19: "I've never struggled for anything." '16: "The one thing I’ll never buy on the black market is plastic surgery." Girl in Novack: "I have booty shorts with my name on them, but it's misspelled." '16 #1: "I forgot to pay for my roll at Novack because I put it in my pocket."'16 #2: "Okay, Aladdin"


May 4, 2016 6:57am

’18 on the phone:"You should ask grandma if she can make you some sick edibles." ’18:"Sometimes I’m afraid to ask questions because they know I’m stupid but they don’t know I’m that stupid." ’19: “I’m getting a test for Celiac’s this week… this might be the last beer of my life.” ’18:"I like clothing choices that emphasize that I’m unique but also like, not poor." Alumnus:"The journal I edited in law school was totally b-side." ’19 to prospie:"I’m from California, and we drive everywhere there, so when I came here I have to actually walk to get food so I eat more to account for the calories I burn walking to get food from my dorm." Man #1:"Did you charter a private plane the entire way?"Man #2:"No, just from Johannesburg to the safari." Chemistry prof:"The answer is 66%, which is above the median on our last exam, so not bad." ’18 on his first crush:"She was the reason I got a MySpace." ’18 on his EARS major crush:"I want him to love me as much as he loves rocks." ’19:"Is Psi U basically the KKG of frats?" ’19 #1:"SAE is an ‘animal house’ frat."’19 #2:"I know a lot of guys outside of Psi U but I don’t know them like inside Psi U"

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May 4, 2016 6:52am

Midterms: Have fun trying to explain to your friends back home why you call it "midterm 3" instead of "exam 3." Semi: When your date tells you the theme is The Disney Channel but it's actually The Discovery Channel.

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