Overheards 17S: Week 2

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/12/17 5:11pm

’17: "Who wore Prada to BG?"

’18 #1: “Do you ever just forget weed is illegal?"
’18 #2:
"I'm black, so no."


’17 #1 (on a Tuesday): "I had to Good Sam myself last night..."
’17 #2:
“Sounds like you're starting off senior spring right."

’17: "So I do this weird thing: I trade soybeans. You may be wondering why, but I do it so I finish my thesis. Except the other day, I just realized I really liked soybeans, so I'm just not going to trade them anymore regardless of how far I am in my thesis."

’20: “In the spirit of “The Vagina Monologues,” they should've called “Men of Dartmouth” the dick discussion ... or the penis panel.”
’19 #1
: “Don’t you mean *dickscussion?”
’19 #2:

Guy #1: "Dude ... stop looking so happy."
Guy #2:
"I can't help it. I've been writing haikus."

’20: “Sophomore year I used my fake to buy a hamster because I wasn't 18."

’20: “I think my guiding life principles are now existentialism, unconditional positive regard and onesies.”

Guy on Tuck Drive: "We had a test and we had to label all the parts of the brain, I put the amygdala for every blank because that's the only one I knew, and I got ALL OF THEM WRONG."

’19: "I wish I was a dog. Yeah I would live less, but I would also live more."

’19: “Wow, I didn’t know it was possible to say ‘diversity’ four times in a single sentence.”
“Well, you didn’t know [Director of Admissions] Paul Sunde.”

’19: “Memes are cyclical, but there's a fundamental difference in creative longevity between Dark Kermit and Wot in Tarnation."

’18: "I've heard so many sad stories about Trips and snap streaks..."

’20 #1: "I found Brace Commons the other day!"
’20 #2:
’20 #1:
"Wait, it's in McLaughlin, right?"
’19 #1:
"No, that's Occom Commons."
’20 #1:
’20 #2:
"Wait, isn't Occom Commons that house by Occom Pond?"

The Dartmouth Web Staff