Overheards 17S: Week 9

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 6/1/17 3:23pm

 '20: "Which sorority is K triangle?"


(Disturbed) ’20: "Novack is a beautiful sanctuary."

Overheard football players on FFB:
"Yo dude, did you just throw a banana in the recycling? Not cool."
"Shit. I am a heathen."

’17 #1: “I bequested my Phi Delt door handle today.”
’17 #2:
“Don't you have two door handles?”
’17 #1:
“Yeah, but no one would want my Chi Gam one.”

’17: "I'm done planning threesomes. Not doing that anymore."

’20 #1: “Have you heard the theory that two hot people don't make cute babies?”
’20 #2:
“Yes, and it makes me worried about my future.”

’19: "I want my Crocs back! I know she has them, and I know she lost my Jibbitz. The dolphin and the spider man…"

’19: “Can you help me with crafting a flitz? All of mine are just dick-related.”

’17 #1: "The past is the past. The present is a gift."
’17 #2:
"And the future?"
’17 #2:
"The future is garbage."

Heorot ’19: "Clearly my only competition for Masters this summer are the hockey players. Baseball is not on, soccer team is beat and the heavyweight rowers? I mean, clearly if you're 6 feet 8 inches and do rowing you're not that athletic. You should be doing basketball or some shit like that."

Overhead ’20s: (in reference to “Finding Dory”)
"Can you imagine living life and then you just get randomly touched all of a sudden by hands from nowhere?"
"Yes. It's called being a girl in a frat."

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