Overheards: Prospie Edition

By Emma Chiu | 5/4/17 5:51pm

21 (in reference to the Lone Pine): "Wait, why is there that leaf on everything?"

’21: "Wait what is 54 Cafe?"
"Uh, what?"
"I don't know, like they gave me a meal ticket there."


’21 *Wears towel in FFB*
“Is that from the Hanover Inn?”
“No, it’s from another hotel.”

’21: “Ok, I’ll find you in like 10 minutes.”
“Gucci Mane.”
*10 min later*
“Wait what does ‘Gucci Mane’ mean? I asked the receptionist where that was, and he said ‘Uhh, I think it just means ‘good’…”

’21 *Glances at her hostess sending a blitz* “Wow, even the email system looks cool!”

’19: “Wait, can I add you to the Dartmouth meme page?”
“Oh, you mean the Cold AF Teens one? I’m already on it.”

Emma Chiu