Overheards: Week 9

| 3/11/17 3:37pm

Overheard in FFB: “I almost failed my driver’s test because I didn’t know what the stop sign was. They removed the word STOP so it was just a red octagon, and I was just like *shrugs*. I passed with the bare minimum.”

’17: “Ugh I f***ed up.”
ENGS75 TA: “Can you consider not f***ing up in the future?”


’19: “Do you guys ever just run into a stranger and feel like they look like a porn star you’ve seen?”

’20: "You've gotta turn that love triangle into a love line segment"

‘19 #1: "Yeah, I feel lowkey bad about getting smashed at a religious house."
‘19 #2: "Dude, Jesus drank wine."
‘19 #1: "Jesus drank BATCH."

Girl 1: “Would PsiU be fine with like a dozen people coming through at 10 a.m.?
Girl 2: *silence*
Girl 1: "I want to do a field trip to PsiU."

’19 #1: “Has your own frat ever denied you entry before?”
’19 #2: “No but it came close. I was a ~risk~”

’19: “Dude I went into SAE this Thursday at like 5 p.m. and just walk into the brothers playing pong with their professor.”