Overheards 17S: Week 6

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 5/8/17 1:52pm

Overheard at 1 a.m.: "My mom just texted me. What should I say?"

’20: “It’s friendship until you take their pants off.”


’20 upon seeing 4FB empty: "Oh yeah, let's f---ing ride."

’18: "Every time I say something disgusting I suddenly remember I'm a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad."

Overheard on FFB: "Wait, I though 'finsta' meant food insta..."

’20: "I just can't wait for the day when I'm rich enough to buy tissues."

’20: "The Choates sucks. It looks like Chernobyl."

Overheard on FFB:
Person #1:
“Girl, what’s on your neck??”
Person #2:
“Oh … it’s a flash tat.”

’20: “I'm with a Phi Delt, I don't know about urban fashion.”

Prof: "We're going to watch a movie, it's Friday. Not a whole movie though, let's not get carried away, we aren't Religion 65 or anything."

The Dartmouth Web Staff