Overheards: Week 10

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 3/17/17 10:00pm

Student in Thayer: “I’ll just move to the Bay Area, find myself a bro-grammer and be a trophy wife.”

Librarian on FFB: "Oh believe me, this will be absolutely bumping by noon."


Students in KAF line:
1: "I have 20 cents of DBA left for the next week"

2: "Check your privilege."

Students in the library:
1: "What's your essay about?"

2: "Boys."

Student in Orozco room: “I literally thought there were 26 hours in the day.”

’19 #1: “Guys I hate everything I’ve been watching Eminem videos for the past three hours.”
’19 #2: “Dude, you need to focus.”
’19 #1: “No I swear, it’s for my African American Music class!”

’17 #1: “I wish I were more efficient.”
’17 #2: “I wish the Silk Road never existed.”

*listens to “All I Want for Christmas is You”*
’19 #1: “Ahh, this just makes me want to snuggle in bed and watch ‘Love Actually.’”

’19 #2: “This makes me want to go to TDX-mas.”

'18: "Last winter term I don't know what happened. I blacked in on my way home in the coach."

’19 #1: “Are you drunk right now?”
’19 #2: “Um, drunk on self-hatred.”

Student in Blobby: “My brother went to Bible camp — Basketball Bible camp. Play hard, pray hard.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff