Overheards 18F: Homecoming

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 11/4/18 1:18pm

'21: "I ripped my pants climbing the fire escape to get into GDXmas. The saddest part is that this has happened to me twice."

'22: [Says the word "conversely" once]: "I need to stop reading."


'19 [to '22s]: "All of you have a roommate, and hopefully, a friend."

XH: "It was this scrawny guy versus me and my thick self."

UG at the bonfire: "This is just like a big photoshoot. This is what the red carpet is like." One second later: "That's bad lighting! Worst class ever!"

'19: "I looked up this guy on LinkedIn and his job title was 'Revolutionary.'"

English Professor: “Gilmore Girls and Buffy got me through the Bush era.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff