Overheards 17S: Week 3

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/16/17 9:09pm

'20 #1: "Look at the sunset! Do you see that pretty lavender color?"
’20 #2: “What are you talking about? I don't see it.”
’20 #1:
“What do you mean you don't see it, look at the sunset.”
’20 #2:

’18: "Are you gonna slap a fatty NRO on that or what?"


Overheard in Collis: "On a scale of Gentile to Trojan, how excited are you?"

’19 #1: "Oh shit, we need to sign a card. What's it for?"
’19 #2:
"I think an alum died."
’19 #1:
"No I think his wife gave birth."
’19 #3:
"So which one was it?"
’19 #1:
’19 #4:
"RIP. Literally."

’18: "Don't touch me. Don't get your sad all over me."

’20 #1: "He's like the human version of a trash can."
’20 #2:
"No, trash cans are at the very least useful."

’20: "My first ever Dartmouth hookup is here, and I'm about to jump on him right now in the drunk Novack Monday night scene."

’17: "How checked out do you have to be to skip African Drumming?"

’18: “My hookups are less diverse than your average country club.”

’18: "I actually wish I could get un-tapped because I asked around and apparently my graduation cane is gonna look like a giant butt plug."

’20: “Cricket protein is the future.”

LING prof: "Do not share this data with anyone. If someone sidles up to you and says, 'Hey man, got any linguistic data?' You say, 'No. If you need a dealer, you may purchase my textbook.'"

Overheard in FFB: “I wonder if Four Loko is kosher for Passover.”

Overheard BG: "BG is unsafe for a dog."
"BG is unsafe for a human."

’18 #1: “Ugh, this stir fry is too salty.”
’18 #2:
“What? Oh, that word has totally lost its meaning to me. I was like, ‘Damn, who’s that stir fry talking shit about today?’"

’20: "When guys say, 'I'm in MAV' that's like the gender equivalent of 'I have a black friend.'"

’18: "I’m like Hannah Montana if she was a secret alcoholic instead of a secret pop star."

The Dartmouth Web Staff