Overheards 17S: Week 7

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 5/17/17 3:04pm

19: “If you split a 5 Hour Energy, do you get two and a half hours of full energy or five hours of half energy?”

18: "He pulled trig at the farm-to-table restaurant!"


20: "All of the ’17s are in the crosshairs of my flitz-cannon. I'm shooting my shot, and no one is safe."

20 #1: "I'm going to 3FB"
20 #2: "3rd floor Baker or 3rd floor Beta?"

Girls on FFB: "Domino’s is her booty call."

20: "Should I vote yes or no on Title IX?"
17: "You mean Article 9."
20: "There's a difference?"

Townsperson at Article 9 vote: "Have you ever seen so many spoiled children in one place?"

20: "If pastel shorts were trees, this picture would be an entire forest."

19: "My phone just autocorrected wholesome to 'WHOLESOMEDICK.'"

15: “Hey, sorry this is weird, but can I borrow a pen really quick?”

“What do you have to offer me in return?”
15: “What?”
“You heard me.”

18: "I check the meme page more than I check Canvas."

18 #1: "You're texting so seriously ..."
18 #2: "I'm on the Teletubbies Wikipedia page ..."

18: "I used to read “eduroam” as “Eduardo Am” and thought it was someone's personal wifi network."

19: "Can you imagine if random people got put into Tabard?"
18: "It would be like ‘New Girl,’ but everyone's on drugs."

20: “My head tells me ‘nooooo,’ but my heart tells me ‘goooootothefrats.’”

19: "Yeah, some rooms are Juul-dominated social spaces."

17: " I'm going to send this ’20 a Fritz. It's a flitz asking to be friends."
19: “Yeah?”
17: “I'm gonna use the Fritz to get close to her and then wheel."

Female 20: "Wait guys let me tell you about that one time I ran topless to the Cube."

EARS prof: “It’s always hard on Green Key Friday to get people to come, but I mean its 11:30, right?”

The Dartmouth Web Staff