Overheards 17S: Week 8 (Peep: Green Key Edition)

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 5/23/17 9:35pm

’17: "What do you think is more likely, me getting with an 11 or a 21?"

’20: “I met this guy and his girlfriend. I went to shake his hand, and they didn't let go of each other’s hands. I literally shook both their hands still being held.”


’20: "He's so masculine. Today he was wearing dangly earrings and I still wanted to f--- him."

’19: “Today in the shower I imagined which Greek house every character from the Magic School Bus would be in.”

’19: "EBAs dies with Alpha Delta."

’19: "The Collis fence made me stop believing in God."

’20: "I had to leave my 10A to throw up in the bathroom, and on my way back I ran into Phil Hanlon for the first time ever. He looks just like the f---ing meme."

’18: "Part of me is like, listen to your body! I want you to take care of yourself! But a much larger part of me is like ... if you really believe and push yourself you can get a funny story out of this...."

’20: "I haven't hooked up with anyone in two weeks. At this point I'm basically a nun."

Ling prof: "I did not realize that this weekend is Green Key weekend. I do not care. I see no difference. Oh, a weekend where Dartmouth students like to drink too much? I don't see what's special about that. Just call it a weekend."

Visiting student: "So you have sex with someone, and they have sex with someone, and you have sex w them … it's just triangle f---ing, y'all Dartmouth people are nasty."

’20: “That boy is wearing a JSTOR hat!”
Visiting ’20:
“What's JSTOR?”
“You clearly don't go to an Ivy League school.”

’20: "I DONT NEED BOOBS." *proceeds to throw bra up into air at GDX*

’19 at 5:15 a.m. Sunday: “That message was sent at 5:08 a.m.. How the F--- have seven people liked it??"

’20: "I think I was grinding to Coldplay at one point…"

Overheard in Foco: "He got a blow job in the middle of the concert."

Overheard on FFB: “So you know those tabs you pull on beer cans? She swallowed one of those and pulled trig like five times last night trying to get it out.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff