Overheards 17S: Week 1

By The Dartmouth Web Staff | 4/3/17 5:33pm

Grad student: “Sooo ... I missed the memo that it's illegal to drink on the Dartmouth Coach.”

’18 returning from off term: “Wait, why are there no napkins here…?”


’20 #1: “I have to get shoulder surgery.”
’20 #2: “What? Oh my god I’m so sorry.”
’20 #3: “Wait but can you still play pong?”

’17: “If you don’t go on your phone while you’re on the toilet, that’s just an inefficient use of your time.”

’17: “All Dartmouth boys realize they need to stop messing around after sophomore summer and find a soulmate, so I’m just biding my time.”

’18 #1: “Alright, I’m going to Walmart.”
’18 #2: “Can you get me a beer bong?”
’18 #1: “I don’t know if they hav—“
’18 #2: “And ONLY get me one if there are multiple tubes.”

’17: “He stopped tagging me in Facebook videos last week, so I think that prospect is dead.”

Classics professor: “What is your favorite hobby?”
’18: “Smoking legal marijuana.”

’18: “Whenever I lose my ID and get a new one, I just ask them to keep my old picture from freshman fall because I’ll never be able to recreate that youthful glow before I knew what college was really like. If they tried to re-take my picture now, I don’t even think I’d be able to bring myself to smile.”

’19: “Hold on, I need to steal something from DDS.”

’18 to friend: “Have you ever read those stories about those blind and deaf dogs, that by being so blind and deaf consume their owners’ entire lives? That’s you.”

Tour guide: “This is Novack, where we have all the good stuff.”

Overheard at Tuk Tuk:
’20: “Can I have a root beer please?”
Waitress: “Can I see some ID please?”
’20: “… um … no … like … the soda.”

The Dartmouth Web Staff