Overheards 17S: Week 5

By The Dartmouth Webstaff | 5/4/17 5:18pm

’17: “Yeah, I read an email today saying ‘Your Juul is on its way,’ and that’s how I found out I bought one last night.”
“Wait, what kind of jewel?”

’20 #1: “That's the Onion!”
’20 #2:
“No, that's the Onion!”
’20 #1:
“Oh I thought the Onion and the Cube were the same thing.”


Overheard on Tuck Drive:
“That's weird: it's two people on a moped, and they aren't football players.”

’18 #1: "She's like the Brown [University] equivalent of a 20..."
’18 #2:
"A freshman..."

’19 #1: "Marry, f---, kill: Collis, KAF, the Hop."
’19 #2:
“Well obviously you’d f--- KAF.”

’19: "I see people in flair and think I'm high, but then I realize I just go to Dartmouth.”

’20: “The middle class is the most persecuted income sector at Dartmouth."

’19: "You're my back-burner boy. When it's late and all my other prospects fall through, thennnn you get to hookup with me."
Guy in response:
" Sounds good to me!"

Overheard Dean's Office receptionist: “There's a letter opener back here, and I've been watching ‘Black Sails’ recently ... let's just say I could handle an emergency.”

’18: “I exclusively hook up with guys from Allen House.”

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