Marco Allen




Local sororities amend constitutions to include non-binary people

Following uncertainty among Dartmouth sororites and the Inter-Sorority Council over the inclusion of non-binary and gender non-conforming people in their bylaws, members of local sororities Chi Delta, Kappa Delta Epsilon and Sigma Delta each voted at the end of spring term to change their house constitutions to explicitly include non-binary potential new members.



Anonymous callouts spur controversy during student elections

This year’s elections for Student Assembly and Class Councils were marked by several incidents of students using anonymous posts to criticize and attack certain candidates, calling into question the ethics of public callouts in student elections and of using anonymity for this purpose.


Amid ambiguity, ISC, sororities examine rules for non-binary inclusivity

Over the past few weeks, Dartmouth sororities and the Inter-Sorority Council have begun examining how their bylaws include or exclude non-binary students. As of now, non-binary and gender non-conforming potential new members interested in joining sororities would have to visit all eight houses during formal rush — a requirement for all PNMs — despite some house bylaws potentially restricting them from joining.