Marco Allen


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)


Dartmouth sees late visits from candidates

This past weekend, campus buzzed with energy not only from Winter Carnival festivities, but also because of several visits from presidential candidates leading up to the New Hampshire primary. 

Renovations to modernize the interior of Reed Hall began in December.


Reed Hall undergoes interior renovations

The 179-year-old Reed Hall is currently undergoing a full renovation that will see the addition of an elevator, heating system upgrades, air conditioning, new electric lines and increased entrance and restroom accessibility, as well as a completely renovated interior.


Fellowships offer students professional experiences — for a fee

The desire to have a marketable set of professional skills has driven students to pursue different types of off-term opportunities, including both paid and unpaid internships. However, increased demand for job opportunities has led to the creation of fellowships that charge students thousands of dollars for professional opportunities. 

The percentage of women who received a bid from a sorority following the fall recruitment process was 63.7 percent.


Sorority rush this fall sees 237 bids extended

The number of bids extended this fall during sorority recruitment remained fairly consistent with the number of bids extended last year. This fall, 237 total bids were extended to the rushing class, compared to 239 bids from 2018, which in turn represented a significant drop from the 277 bids extended in 2017 and 2016.

The new housing policy restricts students' access to buildings only within their House communities.


Residential access policy elicits sharp rebuke from student body

The College’s new housing policy that restricts students’ access to residential buildings outside of their own House communities has sparked a debate over how building access affects student safety and well-being, and a petition drafted and circulated by Student Assembly leadership demanding a reversal of the policy has garnered nearly 3,000 signatures.