Kyle Mullins

Kyle Mullins ’22 comes to Hanover from sunny St. Petersburg, FL. In high school, he was Editor-in-Chief of The Chronicle high school newspaper, Honor Council president, a leading member of the Model UN team and a varsity track athlete. At Dartmouth, Kyle continues to pursue his passions for journalism and politics as a news reporter for The Dartmouth, a member of DartMUN, a public programming assistant for the Rockefeller Center, and a participant in the Great Issues Scholars program. He plans to study some currently undeclared combination of economics, history, government and public policy, and hopes to pursue journalism or politics after graduation. In the rare moments where he decides to relax, Kyle enjoys climbing at the Dartmouth climbing gym, listening to podcasts, reading far too much news and playing "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." 


Many students who are Good Sammed are treated at Dick's House.


Good Sam policy seeks to balance safety with discipline

Two students stumble down Main Street one night in the fall of 2018. At the bright lights of the Irving Oil gas station, one collapses, having had too much to drink. Their companion, concerned for their now-unconscious friend’s safety, makes a Good Samaritan call to Safety and Security and carries them to the road in front of Collis.

Cain spoke to a small audience yesterday about his thoughts on the difference between capitalism and socialism.


Herman Cain speaks to small crowd on capitalism, socialism

Herman Cain, a businessman, former chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, gave a sparsely-attended talk about economics on Thursday evening to roughly 25 students and community members. 



Corporate recruiting beginning significantly earlier for some firms

Efforts by major companies to recruit Dartmouth students for junior summer internships earlier than in previous years — officially as early as the spring of sophomore year — have been met with pushback from the Center for Professional Development including occasionally barring companies from campus events, according to CPD director Roger Woolsey and senior associate director Monica Wilson.


2019 Student Assembly election platform guide

Candidates for SA president and vice president will elaborate on their platforms and discuss their ideas tonight in a debate moderated by The Dartmouth at 7:30 p.m. at Dartmouth Hall 105. Voting begins at 8:00 p.m.

Dick’s House diagnosed 63 cases of the flu in 2019, which is more than double the number of any of the previous three years.


Influenza cases on campus spiked over winter term

If you were stricken with the flu this winter, you were not alone on campus. Dick’s House diagnosed 63 cases of the flu in 2019 — over double the number of any of the previous three years — according to director of clinical medical services Ann Bracken.