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Government professor Deborah Brooks and a group of 10 Dartmouth students recently launched a website dedicated to improving menstrual health resources worldwide.


Dartmouth professor launches menstrual health website

Last week, government professor Deborah Brooks and a group of Dartmouth students launched the International Menstrual Health Entrepreneurship Roundup, a free website that provides resources to individual entrepreneurs and organizations that aim to address global menstrual health problems.



Q&A with English professor and PEN finalist Alexander Chee

English and creative writing professor and writer Alexander Chee grew up wanting to be a fashion designer and visual artist. Taking writing classes at Wesleyan College, however, changed Chee’s mind and prompted him to think of writing as a professional career. As the author of two award-winning novels — “Edinburgh” and “The Queen of the Night” — Chee recently became a finalist for PEN America’s PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay for his essay collection “How to Write an Autobiographical Novel.” For three years at Dartmouth, Chee has taught fiction writing, first-year writing and English 87, “Imaginary Countries,” a course on speculative fictions. This term, he is teaching Creative Writing 20, “Intermediate Fiction I” and the first-year seminar English 7.46, “Belonging, Migration, Exile.”


Winter Carnival sees three arrests

Warm weather greeted the College as it celebrated Winter Carnival over the weekend. Three arrests were made over Winter Carnival, according to Hanover Police lieutenant Scott Rathburn. Rathburn said that these incidents were “not out of the realm of ordinary.” Last year, Hanover Police also made three arrests over Winter Carnival.


V-February focuses on "visibility" this year

Debuted at Dartmouth in 1998, the play “the Vagina Monologues” inspired and started the V-February campaign, stemming from the global V-Day movement that aims to promote gender equity and end gender-based violence. However, over its 21 years, the campaign has evolved to feature more events and reflect different initiatives. This year, V-Feb focuses on “visibility” as its theme to increase the campaign’s inclusiveness, according to co-chair of the V-Feb committee Sara Cho ’20.


Four fraternities engage in winter rush

Four fraternities welcomed a total of 23 members over the winter rush that took place on Jan. 18 and 19. Compared to last winter’s 16 bids, six more bids were offered this winter, with Sigma Nu accepting the greatest number of brothers.


Study finds that border wall harms U.S. economy

The current border wall between the U.S. and Mexico — constructed over the last 13 years under the Secure Fence Act of 2006 — barely affects migration patterns between the two countries and harms the U.S. economy, according to a working paper recently published by Dartmouth professor of economics Treb Allen and his colleagues at Stanford University.