Griselda Chavez

Griselda (‘24) is a Los Angeles local now reporting for The Dartmouth’s news section. She plans to study and explore the sociology, public policy and environmental studies departments to continue learning how to help lower-income communities like the one she came from. When she’s free, Griselda loves stargazing, listening to music and reading a good book.


Dairy Farm in Vermont, Photo by Gabriel Onate.JPG


FUERZA Fund and Sunrise Dartmouth raise money for Upper Valley migrant farmworkers

Environmental advocacy group Sunrise Dartmouth and the FUERZA Farmworkers’ Fund have collaborated to raise over $1,600 for migrant farmworkers in the Upper Valley. The week-and-a-half-long fundraising push consisted of events that spotlighted local farmworkers and aimed to educate Dartmouth students on migrant labor in New Hampshire and Vermont. 



‘Ghost town’ living: Students face isolation and dining concerns in interim housing

Though most Dartmouth students returned home for winter break, 84 students remained on campus for the entirety of the interim and will stay there through the first two weeks of winter term, before the campus officially allows students to move in. Facing restricted dining hall hours and limited opportunities for social interaction, some say they spent the interim grappling with issues around food and isolation.



Q&A: Hanover’s ‘Ring Man’ Rod Swain on being part of the Dartmouth community

Known for his popular jewelry and amiable personality, Rod Swain — also known as the “Ring Man” who sells jewelry at an outdoor stand between Molly’s Restaurant and Hanover Town Hall — has long been embraced by students as a member of the Dartmouth community. As he approaches his 12th year selling jewelry in Hanover, Swain sat down with The Dartmouth to talk about how his business, Sterling Silver, has played a part in the community.