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A guide to Hanover’s down-ballot races

The presidential election is not the only race that Hanover voters decide on today. Seats in both the Senate and House of Representatives are at play in our district, and multiple state and local elections will influence key issues in New Hampshire, including environmental regulations and tax policy. Here’s what you need to know about the state and local races on the Hanover ballot.


Supreme Court scholar talks division at Rockefeller Center event

Over 200 people tuned in to watch the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy 2020 Constitution Day lecture given by legal journalist and scholar Linda Greenhouse on Wednesday night. The topic of the lecture — polarization and the Supreme Court — was a timely one in light of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s recent death.

Economics professor Marjorie Rose told The Dartmouth about teaching in person this fall and how she has weathered the pandemic.

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Q&A with economics professor Marjorie Rose

As most professors plan fully remote classes for the upcoming fall term, economics professor Marjorie Rose is preparing to teach in person. In fact, her class, ECON 22, “Macroeconomics,” is the only economics class that will have in-person instruction this fall. Rose spoke with The Dartmouth about her thoughts on teaching on campus, as well as how she has spent her time during the pandemic.

Keggy the Keg made an appearance on stage at Phi Delta Alpha fraternity's Green Key concert last year.


Jack-O-Lantern, student business consider rights to “Keggy the Keg”

Keggy the Keg, the anthropomorphic keg and elusive unofficial Dartmouth mascot, has made occasional appearances at Green Key and on Nalgene bottles since its creation by members of the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern in 2003. Following the Jack-O-Lantern’s “Save Keggy” campaign last spring, the keg has gained visibility among current students, prompting questions about who owns the rights to use the character in products and designs. 

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Dartmouth employees screened daily for COVID-19, precautions set to continue

As New Hampshire begins to reopen, Dartmouth is requiring mandatory temperature checks for all employees returning to work — just one step among many to keep up with state guidelines. As a decision about fall term looms, College leaders say it is “too early to tell” how state guidelines might impact the potential return of students.