Lauren Adler


Director of admissions Paul Sunde said that Dartmouth uses a variety of methods to engage with promising applicants.


Admissions director asserts College does not market unfairly

Dartmouth and other elite colleges and universities across the country hope to admit top students. But according to a Nov. 5 Wall Street Journal article, some of these institutions will market themselves to weaker applicants as part of the numbers game of acceptance rates in college admissions. 

Booker spoke to a crowd of students and community members at the Top of the Hop on Sunday.


One-on-one with Cory Booker

On Sunday, Cory Booker, New Jersey senator and Democratic presidential candidate, visited Dartmouth for a campaign event at the Top of the Hop. After the event, Booker spoke with The Dartmouth about issues facing young people.


Black community groups look to help College address history

When Dartmouth graduated its first black student, Edward Mitchell, in 1828, the College did not keep records of students’ race. While some mixed-race students may have attended earlier and graduated, there is no official documentation of their presence on campus. This year, in honor of Dartmouth’s 250th anniversary, the Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association is working to change that.