Caris White

Caris is a '23 from Long Beach, CA and is majoring in religion modified with art history. When not writing and editing stories for the Mirror, you can find her playing club soccer, snowboarding at the Skiway or rehearsing with Chamber orchestra. Post-college, she plans on attending medical school and pursuing a career in medical journalism. 


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Editors' Note

This week in mirror, we take a moment to reflect after an incredibly difficult week for the Dartmouth community.

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Ten Days in Purgatory

The College’s COVID-19 outbreak meant that the first warm days of winter term were, for many, just another day of being trapped inside.

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Rush Reflections and the ‘Sophomore Slump’

Every year, hundreds of Dartmouth students rush Greek houses. A lot of us end up affiliated, and many of us do not. The process is hectic, inconsistent, fun and frequently disappointing. Even in normal times, it adds a complicated, sometimes contentious, layer to the social networks that we occupy. This year, that extra layer has felt especially weird. 

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A New Day in Washington

Over the past week I’ve had the fortune (misfortune?) of being The Dartmouth’s Washington correspondent for the presidential inauguration. Normally, the start of midterm season is a strange time to find oneself in a city 500 miles south of Hanover. However, after unexpectedly testing positive for COVID-19, I found myself spending the second and third weeks of classes in isolation at my uncle’s house in northwest Washington, D.C. So, for better or worse, I was unintentionally sitting right at the epicenter of American politics when the inauguration rolled around last week.