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Transfer Students Reflect on a Tumultuous Fall

“I almost made it the whole term without being interviewed by The Dartmouth for being a transfer,” said Sevie Browne ’24, a transfer student from Tufts University. Alas, no such luck. Dartmouth saw 45 new transfers this fall, about three times as many as usual. 



Q&A: The Masterminds Behind the Dartmouth Library Instagram

Since March 2015, Dartmouth students have been on the receiving end of memorable, quirky content from the @dartmouthlibrary account on Instagram. I was lucky enough to pick the brain of library communications manager Tom Remp, who has been managing the account since late December, and whose reign has given us such segments as “Bird of the Week” and the study space competition. Daniel Chamberlain, associate librarian for digital studies, joined the conversation to speak about the account’s role in the Dartmouth community. Read on to see what they had to say about Instagram aesthetics, the infamous Library Desk Girl and how the account has adapted to COVID-19.

Dartmouth Hall, like the rest of the College, sits on unceded Abenaki land.

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On Native land: Reflecting on Dartmouth’s Indigenous history

The “cheap and cheerful version” of Dartmouth’s founding story, if you ask professor Colin Calloway of the Native American Studies program, goes something like this: Eleazar Wheelock established Moor’s Indian Charity School in 1754 in Lebanon, Connecticut with the ostensible purpose of “Educating Such of the Indian Natives, of any or all the Indian tribes in North America,” as written in the school’s charter.