Editors' Note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 1/25/23 2:00am

Well, it’s finally winter. Now that there is snow on the ground — and snowballs flying through the midnight air — it feels like the term is truly underway. Then again, it’s already week four. Midterm season has commenced and it’s the beginning of the grind, but we also have enough time to keep procrastinating for just a little bit longer. Maybe it’s the fact that our first week was only three days long, but something about the passage of time just feels off this term.

In the convoluted spirit of our not-quite-halfway point, the Mirror writers have crafted a diverse slate of stories. One writer interviews students about their very first Dartmouth friends, while another examines the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. — and the parts of his work that remain unfinished. We also spotlight Foco’s popular new chicken nugget recipe and explore how students try to stay fashionable during the Hanover winter.

Whether this week has you feeling as free as the gently drifting snow or bogged down in the slush, we’ve got something queued up for you. Go and get on your way to the library, but when the clock strikes midnight, ditch it all and play in the snow. After all, we only get a couple years in Hanover’s winter wonderland — might as well enjoy them while we can.