Editors' Note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 2/1/23 2:00am

by Samantha Brant / The Dartmouth

Ah, February. The shortest, strangest month. January was generous with us this year — snow-laden trees and weather in the thirties and forties abounded. Her sister month, February, is usually only distinguished by a Hallmark holiday and a more prominent chill, but she’ll have 28 days to show us something we haven’t seen before. 

This week, our offerings include a piece about students who give and get haircuts from their peers and an investigation of students who learned to ski and snowboard at Dartmouth. We also have two pairs of reporters tackling Dartmouth Dining: one duo discusses different approaches to Dartmouth meal plans and another sends missives from an (attempted) 24-hour Foco day.

It’s sort of thrilling when the world around us freezes — at Mirror, we love nothing so much as a reflection. This month, we encourage you to bundle up and dash as quickly as you can from warm building to warm building, but don’t forget the feeling of the cold air on your face. And with that, we’ll see you next week.