Editors' Note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 3/1/23 2:00am

by Lila Hovey / The Dartmouth

Welcome to March, Dartmouth. With the incredible deluge of snow this past week and the recent re-opening of fixtures like Rollins Chapel, it seems like campus is at once covering up and coming to life; one door closes, another sidewalk gets torn up and repaved. In these last few weeks of winter, Dartmouth is looking more like Narnia than ever. 

This week at Mirror, we’re taking a closer look at overlooked aspects of campus culture: among our offerings today are a Q&A with Lilian Johnson ’23, the unsung hero of Collis trivia and Microbrews; a peek into the past and present of Rollins Chapel; and an article about student bands that might have you reaching for your elementary-school clarinet. We also have a new installment in the dorm decor series, a piece that will make you self-conscious about your preferred study spots and a story that weighs the expectations versus the realities of Dartmouth winters. 

As Dartmouth enters finals hibernation while the world wakes up around us, we hope you’ll take a beat to read and reflect. One of the many contradictions of our little campus is the thousands of details that you can spend four years without noticing — we’ve immortalized six slices of campus culture that we think are worth your while. Bundle up this week and we’ll see you next time.