Editors' Note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 2/22/23 2:00am

by Lucy Handy / The Dartmouth

Happy week eight … and stick season? We also thought that stick season was supposed to be confined to late November, but no other way of describing Hanover this month really feels correct. We’re not sure if it’s the looming threat of finals or the fact that our last ever Editor’s Note will be published two weeks from now, but God, this is a dreary February.

But these gray skies did not dampen our writers’ curiosities. One writer compiles everything you need to know about Dartmouth Dining, while another interviews desk workers about their experiences in these people-watching positions. One writer asks the sparse Valentine’s Day gym crowd about their motivations, one reflects on gender performance and rock-n-roll and another reflects on her birthday and Billy Joel.

It’s looking like snow is on the forecast, but even if Dartmouth doesn’t return to a state of picturesque winter beauty, there is a lot to appreciate. There is lavender syrup at the Fern, the roads outside are unseasonably runnable, clear skies mean starry nights and Foco’s new chicken nuggets still haven’t gotten old. So take a break before finals, and a moment to breathe. Maybe even bring a copy of the Mirror with you. We’re just along for the ride.