Editors' Note

by Caris White and Meghan Powers | 2/8/23 2:00am

by Samantha Brant / The Dartmouth

Back in the day, Mirror used to have a theme for its issue every week. As our stories diversified and our interests expanded, we phased that practice out. But it’s now early February and it seems like love is just floating through the air — so we thought we’d bring it back for the special occasion. So for one week and one week only, Mirror is all about love.

For Valentine’s Day, one writer pens a love letter to Dartmouth, one gets the scoop on DFMOs and another rails against the consumerism that characterizes this “Hallmark” holiday. We interview professors about love, explore queer campus romance and reflect on the philosophical search for wholeness.

As cold as it may be outside, there’s also plenty of warmth here at Dartmouth, if you can find it seeping out from the winter term mundanity. It might be in the form of free coffee from your barista friend, or a helping hand after an especially icy spill, but it’s there. There’s a lot of love in this place. We feel it, in each word written by an author or shared with us by one of you. Take a chance on us, and we think you might just feel it too.