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Five Study Abroad Programs You Wish You Went On

(02/04/17 11:27pm)

With applications piling in, Dartmouth students of all grades have been testing their luck and hoping that they’ll be able to escape Hanover and study abroad. Whether you're an eager ’20 or an upperclassman who has had this idea in mind for a while, leaving the U.S. (or just the state of New Hampshire) is as exciting as it gets.

Nine Types of GroupMes You've Been a Part Of

(02/04/17 1:45am)

Whether you like it or not, the GroupMe messaging app is an integral part of the Dartmouth experience. It somehow has all your contacts and lets you get in touch with almost everyone on campus, so naturally it’s a go-to for the groups that don’t necessarily need your digits. The number of chats you’re in is directly proportional to your social capital, since with more involvement comes more GroupMes. And while everyone’s experience with GroupMe is unique, there are common themes that unite all typical Dartmouth students. Here are a few examples of the types of GroupMes that you’ve been a part of during your years here:

Dartbeat's Declassified School Survival Guide: FFB

(02/03/17 1:42am)

Everyone has their preferred study spots in the library, some more productive than others. However, Dartmouth students are often quick to label First Floor Berry as the most facetimey (and least productive) place in the library. However, this is not necessarily true! FFB is actually a very diverse ecosystem filled with a variation of facetimey-ness and productivity, ranging from the physics majors who scribble indiscernible thoughts on the walls of the group study rooms to the kids who “study” right outside of KAF, waving to every single person who passes by. For your convenience, we have taken the responsibility upon ourselves to educate the masses by mapping the real dynamics of FFB and beyond in “Dartbeat’s Declassified School Survival Guide.”

Dartmouth Conspiracy Theories

(01/30/17 1:40am)

There is no question that we live in a modern world of lies and deception. Thus, I do not see it as a coincidence that my editors — those powers that be, per se, spewing “alternative facts” upon the good people — have asked me to write an article about “Dartmouth conspiracy theories.” Nay, I say. I will be strong. I shall not fall victim to their whims. And in protest, I will write instead a list of the greatest truths at Dartmouth, indisputable by those who are not blinded by the corruption that plagues this very campus. 

Romantic Potential of DDS Food Options

(01/27/17 6:51pm)

Planning where you want to grab your next meal can often be an ordeal, especially when you start estimating the concentration of people at certain times during the day. Add to the fact that, yes, you are actually trying to follow through with your lunch plans, and the chaotic lines can make you want to back out of your meal date and crawl into your bed with a tender bob. Luckily, DDS offers endless a few good selections, and each place has its own specialties that keep us coming back for more, whether it’s mac ‘n cheese bites, facetimey-ness or conveniently late hours. It’s easy to decide when you’re with friends, but what if your relationship is a little more ambiguous? Here’s a brief overview of your options to navigate those romantic nuances and finally get to the bottom of what a Foco lunch ~really~ means: 

What to Expect When You're Expecting ... to Play Pong

(01/27/17 3:00pm)

There you are. After nine (maybe?) months of apprehension, excitement and nerves, you are finally about to play your first game of pong. You feel adrenaline pumping through your veins with all the strength of watered-down Keystone, which you also happen to be standing in puddles of — gotta break in those frat shoes, am I right? As the moment finally arrives and the final cup in the game before yours is sunk, you’re suddenly nervous. What do you do? What should you expect? Luckily for you, we’ve compiled advice from some of the greatest pong champions this side of the Mississippi (and some from the other side too).

The Best Cold Cuts on Campus

(01/26/17 11:21pm)

Every Dartmouth student is probably already familiar with the “warm cut” – a path to class or your dorm that, if not more efficient, provides brief respite from the frigid Hanover weather. Whether it’s through Baker-Berry on the way to drill or a quick detour into Collis while you’re headed toward the Hop, warm cuts are an important way to keep up morale during the dark months of winter term.

Walk it Out: Alternative Things to March For at Dartmouth

(01/22/17 7:13pm)

With Inauguration Day having come and gone, people all over the country organized and participated in marches to protest the election of Donald Trump. The largest and most publicized was by far the Women’s March on Washington, with more people having attended than the inauguration in D.C. - not including the satellite marches all over the world. This got me thinking. If citizens can march for what they believe in, why can’t we? There are a few things that Dartmouth students are pretty unhappy with, so here are a few issues you could take to the streets.

Was it Worth the -Cest?

(01/22/17 6:13pm)

Ahhh, good ol’ Dartmouth, where our very obvious hookup culture can invade nearly any aspect of our lives. Whether you’re in FoCo and a past hookup (or three) is filling his or her drink next to you, being assigned to a group project with a recent dfmo (dance floor make-out) or stepping out of office hours and seeing that person who ghosted you after you failed to DTR (define the relationship), it’s easy to be a bit uncomfortable and on-edge all the times. But what about when a hookup falls into a “cest” category? We’ve all heard about the classic example of “floor-cest” and how much of a disaster that could be – why not delve into the potential results and see if your hookup was really worth the “-cest?”

How to Deal with the Impending Lack of Obama-Biden Memes

(01/22/17 1:02am)

The day we’ve all been dreading has been thrust upon us: January 20, the day when President-elect Donald Trump swears into office as the leader of the free world, but more importantly, the day when we have to stop posting Obama-Biden memes. The cultural impact of these memes cannot be understated — they might be even more important than the entire body of work of frog memes at large.

6 Ways to Console Your Southern Friends During Winter

(01/19/17 10:30pm)

As you can probably attest to, New England winters can be tough – even for those students who grew up in and around the Northeast. However, sometimes we fail to consider what the cold and snowy winter means for Dartmouth students from the South, who spent years and years getting days off for less than an inch or two of snow. In fact, your very own southern friend just might be finding it extremely hard to cope with the pain and suffering that 17W has brought, despite the lack of actual cold and prodigal amounts of snow. But don’t fret, my friends, for there are ways in which you can ease their winter woes and help them adjust to the concept of a real winter season.

How to Survive Your Freshman Winter

(01/19/17 8:31pm)

Winter can be a tough time for everyone – it’s questionably too cold to go out (but everyone does it anyways), definitely too cold to be productive and just cold enough that the ice sticks around and makes all of campus a hazard for treacherous falls. But don’t fret – there are so many ways to put your winter woes behind you and learn to truly ~thrive~ and not just survive 17W!

Snow Sculpture 2017: A Minimalist Perspective

(01/19/17 3:00pm)

Breaking: Dartmouth students angry because the making of that thing they didn’t want to participate in is being taken away from them! This past Friday we all opened our blitz to some expected earth-shattering news: The Winter Carnival snow sculpture has been cancelled due to, among other reasons, “declining involvement from the student body at large.” (Ooh, drag me, Winter Carnival committee.) This ultimately resulted in some strongly worded grumbles like “what will we Instagram Week Six?” and “Lest the old traditions fail, etc., etc.”

Internal Monologue of the DDS Texter

(01/19/17 1:26am)

For better or for worse, DDS is finally getting with the times with its new texting feature. As the (masked) face of DDS and liaison between students and their tender quesos, we often forget that the text responses are coming from a real person (or people) with thoughts, feelings, fears and aspirations of their own. These noble first responders have to bear the brunt of any feedback, constructive or otherwise. Here’s what’s going on behind the cheeky one-liners and smiley faces.

How to NRO Things in Real Life

(01/18/17 12:37am)

There are a lot of things to love about Dartmouth: Winter Carnival, chicken bobs from the HOP, and FFB, to name a few, but not much can compare to everyone’s favorite GPA-saver. That’s right, it’s your favorite day of the term — the deadline to NRO a class! What could be more exciting than the opportunity to avoid all consequences for your mistakes? In the spirit of today, I figured I’d share some tips on how to apply NROs to areas outside of your transcript … because we all know that a “C” isn’t the only thing you’d like to pretend never happened.