How to Deal with the Impending Lack of Obama-Biden Memes

By Linda Liu | 1/21/17 8:02pm

The day we’ve all been dreading has been thrust upon us: January 20, the day when President-elect Donald Trump swears into office as the leader of the free world, but more importantly, the day when we have to stop posting Obama-Biden memes. The cultural impact of these memes cannot be understated — they might be even more important than the entire body of work of frog memes at large.

In this difficult time of transition, I am happy to provide you with guidance and counseling to help you move ahead in your life — forgiving but not forgetting. While grappling with this issue, you may experience these stages of mourning.


1. Denial. You might be thinking, there’s no possible way that the Golden Age of Memes is over. How did we get here? And that’s ok. Go ahead and dump all your old Obama-Biden memes onto your finsta. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok. We’re all here for you and will provide sad pity likes.


via PinkNews

via PinkNews

2. Anger. Then you might become furious and lash out against your friends/family/society at large. It’s ok. You might find yourself scrolling through memes without cracking a smile. Nothing is funny anymore. It’s ok. The perfect medium for expression of your uncontrollable rage is the anti-meme. You need to ask yourself: and how do I FEEL about this meme. Slowly but surely, you will find the light at the end of the tunnel.



3. Bargaining. At this point you might be desperate for reprieve from your own ironic meme-ing but still unable to cope with the end of the Golden Age of Memes. That’s ok. You might think, I will literally do anything to keep Obama-Biden memes alive. Those other memes were nothing to me. I will give up every single NUT button meme. I literally only care about Obama-Biden memes. That’s ok. We’ll stand by you even as you lie to yourself (that Arthur fist meme wasn’t even that funny honestly and I don’t even know what “raindrop drop top” means). This is all part of the healing process.

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4. Depression. You’re just gonna have to wait this one out. Can’t help you here. Watch some cat videos, I guess.

5. Acceptance. Maybe at this point it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. You can go on about your day without thinking about friendship bracelets every two hours. This is when you know you’ve truly reached the stage of reconciliation. Hope is blooming inside of your heart once again and the most beautiful expressions of that are wholesome memes. Go forth and rejoice in the return of happiness.


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Linda Liu