Top 10 KAF Orders for Every Situation

By Nicole Salet | 1/26/17 11:13pm

Are you struggling to figure out what to order and holding up the KAF line that is already out the door and curling into Blobby? Here are some sure-fire orders for every and any given situation.

1. When you’re on a first date (and don’t want to make a mess of yourself / don’t want coffee breath)

A Johnny (half iced tea half apple cider) and a chocolate chip cookie

2. When you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown

Hot chocolate with a double shot of espresso and a cupcake (whatever flavor floats your boat — they’re all amazing)

3. When you’re meeting with a professor and want to seem sophisticated

A cappuccino and a scone

4. When the weather is in the negatives and you low-key need a hug

A London Fog and a cinnamon roll

5. When you just had drill and might pass out in your next class

Latte of the day and a nice, big brownie

6. When someone else is buying for you

Buy everything. What part of someone saying, “I have soooo much DBA” don’t you understand? The sky is the limit here. Just kidding, don’t do that unless you really enjoy being a terrible human. A mocha and a chocolate croissant

7. When it’s finally getting warm outside (can’t wait for March, am I right)

An iced tea and a blueberry muffin

8. When you’re about to spend the whole night in the 1902 room

Large vanilla coffee and a brie & apple sandwich

9. When you’re feelin’ a tad adventurous

Chai tea latte and curry chicken salad

10. When you’re trying to be healthy

Caesar salad (in the evening) or yogurt parfait (in the morning) and green tea

Nicole Salet