The Best Cold Cuts on Campus

By Callie Page | 1/26/17 6:21pm

Every Dartmouth student is probably already familiar with the “warm cut” – a path to class or your dorm that, if not more efficient, provides brief respite from the frigid Hanover weather. Whether it’s through Baker-Berry on the way to drill or a quick detour into Collis while you’re headed toward the Hop, warm cuts are an important way to keep up morale during the dark months of winter term.

Recently, however, with the unseasonably warm temperatures on campus, you might find yourself wanting to make the most of your time outside. So if you think that a more circuitous path is in your best interest, here are some “cold cuts” that will let you take full advantage of global warming:


Life Sciences Center via Occom Pond

Instead of complaining about how far away the Life Sciences Center is, go (literally) the extra mile during your morning commute by taking a quick lap around Occom Pond. You’ll get in your steps and maintain an element of mystery by consistently approaching class from the back of the building.

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Thompson Arena

Support our hockey teams, regardless of whether or not they’re playing. Head to the rink even though it’s sure to be an inconvenient path toward wherever you’re going. This route will keep you cold both indoors and outdoors, but you’ll be warming hearts with this display of school spirit!

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Want to relive freshman fall in all of its glory? Take 17-20 laps around the Green, making sure to wear only your class t-shirt. Then head off to your lecture, but not before some sober partying in Richardson or Mid Fay. This cold cut is guaranteed fun, especially without that pesky fire to keep you warm.

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Every DDS Facility

Explore your options by checking out Foco, followed by the Hop, Collis, Novack and KAF. How else can you know if you’re making the most of your mealswipe?

Bonus points if you chase the food truck or go to that dining hall near Tuck (who knows what they’re even doing over there?).

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For this cold cut, you’ll need 3-4 hours of advance planning. Wake up before the sun rises and spend some quality time admiring the cosmos outside the Observatory. Contemplating human insignificance is sure to kick start your day!

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Ledyard Challenge

Attempt the Ledyard Challenge before class and bring a little public indecency to Public Policy 5.

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Circumvent the Globe

Instead of getting to Baker by cutting across the Green, show Robert Frost what it really means to take the road less traveled by.* The term might be over by the time you get back, but maybe admin will give you some sort of FSP credit. I don’t know.

*I know the roads are supposed to be the same, back off nerds.

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A classic cold cut.

Callie Page