Dartbeat's Declassified School Survival Guide: FFB

By Caleb Smith | 2/2/17 8:42pm

Everyone has their preferred study spots in the library, some more productive than others. However, Dartmouth students are often quick to label First Floor Berry as the most facetimey (and least productive) place in the library. However, this is not necessarily true! FFB is actually a very diverse ecosystem filled with a variation of facetimey-ness and productivity, ranging from the physics majors who scribble indiscernible thoughts on the walls of the group study rooms to the kids who “study” right outside of KAF, waving to every single person who passes by. For your convenience, we have taken the responsibility upon ourselves to educate the masses by mapping the real dynamics of FFB and beyond in “Dartbeat’s Declassified School Survival Guide.”


Caleb Smith