Five Study Abroad Programs You Wish You Went On

By Marguerite Irefin | 2/4/17 6:27pm

With applications piling in, Dartmouth students of all grades have been testing their luck and hoping that they’ll be able to escape Hanover and study abroad. Whether you're an eager ’20 or an upperclassman who has had this idea in mind for a while, leaving the U.S. (or just the state of New Hampshire) is as exciting as it gets.

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Sure, London, Paris and Milan are great destinations, but there are a few trips that the FSP list is missing. Here are the five study abroad trips you never knew you needed to go on until now.

1. Anthropological Research of the Species at Cornell

Sounds scary? It kind of is, not gonna lie, but in order to accept what is different we first must understand it. Twelve weeks in the middle of Ithaca, New York is every Dartmouth student’s worst nightmare, but it’s all in the name of research. You would be spending valuable time with the top professors in the field, conducting studies to find out exactly what makes Cornell so, um, “different.”

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2. All-Inclusive Resort in The Caribbean

If you feel like you're an expert in Dartmouth partying, this is the FSP for you. Take three months to discover drinking games other than pong, move from place to place without a fracket and experience the joys of using glass cups and walking through weather that won’t give you frostbite. Between the all-you-can-eat buffet and the beach, you’ll really immerse yourself in the culture (and hopefully the ocean), brining back nothing but new intellectual experiences and maybe an extra 10 pounds.

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3. Hanover FSP - Pong Edition

Contrary to number two, this Hanover FSP lets you look inside the world of Dartmouth pong and master it. Mostly recommended for ’20s (or anyone who plays like a ’20), this is an intensive program where you take the courses Pong 1 and Pong 2 in the same term. You will live at the Hanover Inn and train around the clock, with both a nutritionist and a wrist physical therapist. Not only will you master the game, but you will study how the game is played at each frat. If you think Masters is for you, this is your one-way ticket to glory.

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4. Carnival Cruise

The NARPiest FSP of all, the Carnival Cruise combines interests in both culinary tastings and sitting still. You’ll get to travel all over the world without an ounce of cardio, while eating your way through every buffet on the boat. If gambling is more your style, look no further than this math FSP, where you’ll learn to count cards and calculate how much of your future 401K you can spend in one night without starving. Between riding water slides, pretending to surf on that little wave thingy and potentially getting stuck at sea for days at time, you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget, and you may actually learn something at the same time.

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5. The Closest Chipotle

This one is the nearest and dearest to my heart. Sure, Boloco and taco night at Foco gets the job done as far as Chipotle cravings, but this FSP is the crown jewel of culinary expedition. Twelve weeks are spent hopping from New England Chipotle to New England Chipotle, learning the art of burrito wrapping, bowl making and the avoidance of salmonella. A different menu item is tried (or created) with each new visit, and by the end, you will have written a complete portfolio that explains the art that is a 3,000-calorie burrito bowl. This is a trip that your body will not like, but your soul will thank you for forever.


I know what you're thinking: either you applied for the wrong FSP or you just found the one of your dreams. Regardless, getting out of the classroom is just another great way to learn, and with these FSPs you’ll make friends and study concepts that will last you a lifetime.

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